Saturday, April 16, 2022

Scenes from the Barrowmaze


My daughter and I started playing thru Barrowmaze , (which if you are not familiar is a classic mega dungeon campaign for old school style RPG play)  awhile back and I built some specific terrain for some of the key earlyish moments. 

The piece is a bit too large  10" x 12" for good shots of the whole thing in my current photo setup so I couldnt really pull off the scene with both sections and get a good effect.

the scene is really just a composite of the whole level...lots of undead...

 This whole piece here just attaches to dungeon tiles and you can build the dungeon as you explore it and die, there are some great rooms to potentially build out from but this the starting point. If you've played this you should recognize this as the entrance in burial mound # 12,  currently the group explored a dozen areas or so lost 2 hireling one KIA and one ran off and is missing and a PC died in a trap so they headed back to town to regroup

Soulblight Gravelords

Ennis Curse Born and Prince Duvalle of the Crimson Court

Recently finished up my Undead for Warcry,  after picking up the new Tome of Champions 2021 for the game its seems my Sepulchral Guard  fall under the Soulblight Gravelords faction and so does the Crimson Court, so I added these two Vampires for a full 1000 point Warband.  Again these guy where painted with mix of arcylic and oil paints and I am happy with the result..

I have yet to play and still needs to paint up another faction and finish the Terrain from the Red Harvest box set...I am about 70 ish percent done..having all the Sluice / Trenches and the Pit Dredger totally complete and everything else but the two large platforms base coated. should be done soon enough
that we will get a game in the near future.

my Sepluchral Guard

Quick look at my Pit Dredger, nothing fancy going on here other than some weathering I took the paint scheme from right out of the book with just slight variation in colors.


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