Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Countdown to Adepticon

Everyone seems to be gearing up for Adepticon this weekend, and I am no exception. Had some last minute painting to finish up today and I still need to trim out the bases on about 1/2 the army which should take me a few hours tomorrow. Then tomorrow early evening I play a practice game against a nasty Wood Elf army my pal felix is cooking up for me, in preparation for large number of players running Wood Elves this year. So far it looks like Chaos and Wood Elves are most popular choices despite the seeming popularity of the new High Elf and Vampire Counts books. Thankfully I've has lots of practice against all of the above, I am just rusty on the Woodies, especially the Treeman lists, so the game tomorrow. Friday I will be out at Adepticon around noon, hanging around most day doing demo's and taking Rich from Chicago Terrain Factory's Hirst Arts Workshop. I'll try to resist the urge to play any Fantasy open gaming on Friday saving up my good karma, for the next day.

This army is for the WFB Championships on Saturday, its 2250 points and 110 models. I actually running short about 100 points I couldn't fill, I have plenty of models to fill the void but not the time to paint them to the same standard, I am just going to have to wing it running short a few points and see how it goes. The Display base is just mini version of my table using actual pieces of terrain I've done and am going to lug along. I did the base in two separate Sunday afternoons, 1 to build it, one to paint it.

My Pistoliers, despite my back and forth on using these guys, I have been having alot of luck with them lately. I spent about a 10 days painting these guys a few hours every night.

My final addition the Helstorm Rocket Battery, - I just painted the machine this afternoon and it still needs some touch ups. There is so much detail on this thing I could spend a full week on it, so maybe for the weekend its ready to go. the master engineer with Long Rifle just serves as a normal crewman here, You'll notice my veteran artillery crewman is having trouble with this thing so he is having a RTFM moment- his monkey is looking on, hoping he figures it out by saturday.

Finally, the Adepticon tourney is series of scenarios which require a "ambassador model",
I always thought of the idea of an ambassador being more of a "messenger" so that's what I made, an Empire Captain bowing to deliver terms to our opponent, he bears a message from the Empire, a Flag of truce and no weapons. The body is old an reaper model I cut the head off of the other parts are all GW.

Hope to see a bunch of you there this weekend, wish me luck!


Boarding Mission said...

While I don't play Fantasy, your army looks great. Too bad you couldn't get those last few points filled. Good luck at Adepticon.

Anonymous said...

The battery looks good. Well the entire army looks good. Its a shame about the extra 100 pts, but I appreciate trying to stay true to the integerity of your paint.

Good Luck, May Sigmar protect :P

Scott said...

Looks great, John. I'm looking forward to hanging out at Adepticon.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, John. May your horses neigh with anger!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Empire army! Lots of time and love. I really like the kid looking over the shoulder of the engineer!


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