Saturday, December 27, 2008

Your Gaming New Year Resolutions

This is always a good one. lets hear what some of you can come up with for yourself...I am going to see what I can get done as well as hold myself to in 2009. Please feel free to list your own. we can look back later this year and have a laugh

I'm counting down from easiest to hardest. Despite the odds against some of them- I promise that I'm giving all of them a shot!

#10. No more new games!. This one is no brainer I've got more stuff on my plate then I have time for already..need to pick and choose whats going to give me the most bang for my already spent money, time and energy. I need to take the family on a real vacation this year and buy a new car so money is going to be super tight...this one is a no brainer. Definitely!

#9. Get my Empire army finished and fleshed out up to 4000 points and at my highest standards, including some of the new releases later this year. Definitely going to happen, very few models once I'm ready for Adepticon, (going to finally paint my Flagellants as I need them for Escalation)

#8. Get my Chaos Daemons in good looking playable shape at 2250 points, to a standard I am not embarrassed to take to a tourney. This is going to happen shouldn't be tough, 3/4 of the way there already for our upcoming campaign.

#7. Play more Lord of the Rings.. get my Mordor force painted up to 750 points. Highly Probable, I'm motivated, and its already about half done.

#6 Get some other Historical games happening by finishing my models and terrain for Legends of the High Seas and Old West. Try to organize the locals I know and get a few afternoons of Historical skirmish games happening. This is doable, low model counts, stuff is built, based, primed..Bill built and old west town, I have a pirate town and ships.

#5. Get my WAB celt army built and fielded..get at least some models painted, try to play at least 1/2 dozen matches this year when the 2.0 rules come out. Harder, but also doable. about 70% built, nothing painted..should finally get my back ordered WF models soon...the high model count and low numbers of local players will make this tough to focus on.

#4. Build the Flames of War stuff I bought and try to get some games in. Hard- having built one stand of guys..the high model count and tedious painting make this a tough one, I do know guys to game with but I need to get out of the house another weeknight in order to do so and that could be problematic but I do already own everything I need..this ones a coin flip.

#3 Make progress on either my VC, Dwarf or Orc and Goblin WFB Armies I have mostly sitting in boxes on shelves, at least do something with one of them (most likely VC). Dubious with all I have going on, but not out of the question, late in the year if its going to happen, I'd like to paint up some VC models just to see where its going.

#2 Dip my toe back in the waters of 40K, either with a small Marine list (if I still have them) or gulp! with a new army like Imperial Guard. Doubtful, but optimistic..I haven't sold my marines but I am not really trying, so buying the new SM codex and playing a game is easy. The rest really depends on how cool the new I.G. stuff is. Having both an Empire for WFB and Guard army for 40K is appealing but the high model count and all the Tanks aren't as the time sink to get it done is a full time hobby. I do like the idea of a plastic valkyrie and a bunch of drop troop -like commando guys..but I have no idea what they do or if they are even worth building...this is pure speculation. so anything goes here.

#1. Stop buying terrain, until every other terrain project I've got that is WIP is done! LOL!, never gonna happen but I am going to try..I just had to say it.

Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

My gaming resolutions are (in no particular order):

-Start a campaign that myself and my mates have been planning for some time, that involves pitching each of our armies against each other. gonna last a while.

-cut my spending on minis, because it's getting out of hand and I've got too much too paint already; two mostly unpainted 40k apocalypse armies!

-stop converting so much and paint more (see above).

-finish writing the 40k house rules that I've been working on with my gaming buddies.

-find a way to make my game table more portable because when my girlfriend and daughter move in with me I'm gonna need to save room :)

That's it from me. Who's next?

Wienas said...

My local game store is starting a series of tournaments this year. It will be 3 tournaments, and then an invite-only 4th tournament.

My resolution is to build new armies for each of the 3 tournaments, and should I qualify for the 4th, to paint enough of my existing Tyranids to play them then.

Bill Lim said...

oh boy gaming resolutions. These are gonna be hard to stick to. Order from most easy to hard.

1. Cut back on my hobby spenditure. While I love being able to have choices when creating my lists, I really need to cut back my spending. I have the upcomming wedding, and honeymoon to think about, not to mention all the normal living expenses. Like John said this should be a "no brainer", but it diffucult with all the shiny new releases.

2. Finish my Wood Elves @ 2250 for the upcomming plastic legion/GW campaign. Shouldn't be to hard, motivated on these guys right now, and really looking to trying them out at a "normal" points scale.

3. Finish my VC @ unknown points level. Lots of stuff to work on with these guys. They are my 1st army for WFB as well as my fav. Corpse Carts, Zombie Dragon, Ghouls, KoBKs, rest of the Grave Guard. All of these need finishing.

4. Finish "apoclypse-izing" my Nids. Got a few of the bugs, as well as horde of the smaller ones to work on. This will be a bit more of a challange for me, as I'm not currently involved with 40K.

5. Play more Warmachine, hopefully @ 750 pts. I have a fairly large Cryx army, and I spent a fair amount of time on it. Right now its in the display case gathering dust. Really need to get these guys on the table.

6. Keep my other gaming group "Roarke's Drifters" motivated. This has been a challange already, and I don't see it getting any better. Really need to organize more meetings, and just keep in touch with everyone more.

7. Play some actual games/campaign in Legends of the Old West. Moderately challenging. I have the Figs, and I have the town, need the time.

8. Get involved with LotR. Had some grand plans for a couple different LotR armies. Even Bought all the books, starter sets and some figs already. Not sure when or where I'll get the time to work on this stuff though.

eh, guess thats it for now. We'll see how far I actually get with this list.

Boarding Mission said...

I've only got one.
Play more than 10 games of 40k this year.

I always seem to be doing stuff other than playing.

Unknown said...

Ive only got one real resolution, much like Ron said, play more games!

Im planning on trying to get a game every two weeks this year, unlike last year (where I might have gotten a game every two months!)

Tim Kulinski said...


Well I have only a few that are game related, so in no order here goes:

Play more games! Sounds easy, but when life gets in the way it can be tough.

Finish painting for other people, I currently have only a few people I am painting for, Tom & Mike, Toms stuff is close to being done, BFG Imperial fleet, 6 1/48th scale Tamiya Kits and a few other vehicles and a 50 model orc army, Mike has left is a few Pulp figures and then Arnca old West buildings! So only a few more to go!

Start & finish a small LotR campaign with a few friends. I started one that was way too big in 2008 and only after 2 sessions it died out because I was too busy. 2008 lessons learned to start small!

Continue to get LotR to the table either with me playing or running events like Gathering in the Desert.

Paint more LotR, I have about 300+ LotR figures of my own too work on, want to get to more of those this year.

Organize & run a LotOW or LotHS campaign, after writing LotHS I was burned out with looking at anything that had to do with Pirates, I am slowly comming back around to them!

Build more terrain for myself! I always build for everyone else but have none of my own, so 2009 will be the "Me or Mine" year for terrain.

And last but not least, to keep my blog updated at least once a week!

So we shall see how well I do...

Scott said...

I'm planning on doing a similar post for my blog later, so I'll save mine for that.

However, I have a resolution... get my blog out of the "other blogs I like" slum and up the page to "top Blogs". What do I gotta do, John?!

I guess that means I have to blog more, huh?

Also, if you're not going to drop 40K, we will play this next year. I swear it!

Felix Flauta said...

Scott, I just resorted to posting stuff to Dakka and my regular blog. Hobby Resolutions, though. Might be fun on Dakka. :)

First draft:

1. Tri-elf Nations! Continue filling out my Wood/High/Dark Elf armies.

2. Orks with grots! It's a Dakka themed paint scheme and I'm liking how my starter models turned out.

3. Eldar Harlie scheme.

4. Play more warmachine. Play more hordes. I have a crapton of gaming options for these games and I get maybe 2-3 games in a month. Must have more! (This is my game of choice)

5. Actually try out more games for models I have. I have stuff for Infinity and Uncharted Seas painted up. Sure would be nice to get to play.

6. Paint up more terrain. I have stuff from armorcast and GW. At least I haven't been too tempted to buy anything major.

7. I'll think of more for the Dakka discussion.

JPL said...

@ Scott, You know it buddy, you get up to more than once a month you are back on top!!(which reminds me I need to edit my top blogs there are some guys who havent updated in a while!)and if I play 40k this year you are the first guy I call!.

@Felix- you forgot about playing more warhammer with me!, I want to try out your Dark Elves vs my Daemons as soon as your ready!

Scott said...

Felix, you have dark elfs!? Can I get some Black Ark Coursair sword bits off of you? I have a slaanesh CSM project that I need somce cool swords for.

John, thanks for the uplift. I hope to post more one I find that stupid USB cable for my camera!

Sigmar said...

1) finish my Nauitcan army project and turn it into a pdf and also get a few copies printed and bound for my own satisfaction.

2) go unbeaten with my Vampire army

3) get my forum up to 500 members.

Should be a fun year, I think I could well fail with goal number 2 in January !

Happy New Year everyone,

Anonymous said...

1. Finish Flames of War armies. This includes about a dozen German vehicles, and wrapping up my US rifle company. On that note, if you want to get a game in, I can make it down to your place on a week night.

2. Continue to build, and game with my Legion of Everblight army for Hordes.

3. Continue with my WFB army of Araby.

4. Terrain for gaming at my place.

5. Display pieces for painting competitions. Golden Demon, Privateer Press comp, and Gencon are the ones I am aiming for.

Bloomfield Cricket Club said...

My resolutions would be

- No more new games
- Do not assemble or even unpack my Vampire Counts until my Dwarf and High Elf painting & assembly backlog is complete
- Finish my Dwarf & High Elf painting & assembly backlog
- Enter at least one WHFB tournament this year
- Get the shelves up in my gaming room so I can store my stuff properly and my wife wont get so annoyed with the mess
- Crush Toshi's WHFB Chaos's army beneath the boots of my Dwarfs
- Do some more work on my WHFB Dwarven army history project blog, Karak Thorinkin

and finally

- Enjoy myself!!!!!!


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