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WFB 8th Edition Intro event!

Warhammer and Grillin!, Nuff Said.

I hosted a small intro event for Warhammer 8th Edition last evening. A club night event we kicked it off early after the work day with Beers and Dogs before hitting the tables at 7pm for 2 games a piece. For at least half of the eight players in attendance it was there 1st chance to play 8th edition, all of us of had time to read over the rules. But massive rulebooks at hand pages turning we dove into 8 games of Warhammer last night.

Lots of new unpainted armies being fielded, with only 3 of painted this was only game between 2 painted armies so all these in game shots are Tomb Kings Vs Dwarfs., and it was a Draw!

The Lists @ 2400 points.

Joe F- Dark Elves

Sorceress level 4 ,cold one, pendant, Darkstar cloak Lore of Death
Lokir Fellheart
Master BSB Standard of Slaughter
Sorceress Level 2, Ring of Hotek, Sacrificial Dagger

60 Spears FC, Shields, Combat Banner
20 Corsairs, FC Serpentine Banner

15 Executioner FC
15 Witch Elves FC
15 Blackguard FC Banner of Murder

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Results Round 1- Aaron’s WoC - Draw Round 2- Chris’s Tomb Kings- Win

Chris- Tomb Kings


Tomb King, Chariot, +2S Swrd, broach of the great desert, dispel scroll

Lich , Steed
Lich, Cloak of Dune
Tomb Prince, great weapon


39 Skeletons, FC , Summoning Banner
4 Chariots, Standard Musician
6 Light Horse, Musician
11 Skeletons, Bows, Musician
11 Skeletons, Bow, Musician


24 Tomb Guard, FC
2 Tomb Scorpions

2 Screaming Skull Catapults

Results Round 1- Billy’s Dwarfs- Draw Round 2 – Joe’s Dark Elves- Loss

Aaron’s Warriors of Chaos

Lord , Manticore, MoS, Crown of Conquest, Diabolic Splendor, Charmed Shield, Biting Blade

Sorcerer, Level 2, Mark of Tzeentch, Disc, Homunculus, Power Familiar, Dispel Scroll
Exhalted Hero, Demonic Steed, Shield, MoS, BSB, Warbanner


18 Warriors, FC, MoS, Extra HW. Shields X 2
12 Marauders, MoS, Shields, Standard, Musician
5 Marauder Horse, Flails, MoS
6 Hounds X 2


2 Chariots, MoS


Round 1- Joe’s Dark Elves- Draw Round 2- Billy’s Dwarfs- Loss


Joe D’s- Skaven

Vermin Lord, Level 4, Doom Glaive
Warlord- General halberd, heavy Armor, enchanted shield


Chieftain- BSB, Banner of the Horned Rat
Plague Priest- Foul Pendant
Warlock Engineer- Skaven Brew, Warplock pistol
61 Stormvermin, FC, Stormbanner, Warpfire team
30 Clan Rats, FC, Ratling Gun Team
30 Clan Rats, FC, Warpfire Team

2 Doomwheels.

Results Round 1, Rich’s Chaos- Win Round 2 John’s Empire- Loss

Rich’s Warriors of Chaos

Sorceror Level 4 , golden eye, Disc, Mark of Tzeentch, Homunculus, Power Familiar

Exhalted hero, General, Armor of Damnation, MoS, Steed of Slannesh, Sheild
Exhalted hero, BSB, Talisman of Preservation, Shield


50 Marauders, GW, MoS
15 Warriors, Tzeentch, shields, musician, banner of disciple
15 Warriors, Khorne, Halberds, Musician X 2
10 Marauders, Slannesh, Flails, Musicians
5 Marauder Horse, Slannesh, Shield, Throwing Axes SPECIAL
Chariot, Khorne
Chariot, Slannesh


Chaos Spawn

Results. Round 1- Joe’s Skaven- Loss Round 2- Jeff’s Empire- Win
Jeff’s Empire

Kurt Helborg
Empire General, Armor of Meteoric Iron, GW
Captain BSB
Wizard, Level 2
Warrior Priest, GW

60 Spearmen, FC
Detachement - 15 Swordsmen x 2
30 Greatswords
Detachments- 15 Halberdiers x 2 (core)
9 Inner Circle Knights, FC
5 Pistoliers, FC, Repeater Pistol

Results Round 1- John’s Empire- Loss Round 2 – Rich’s WoC- Loss


Billy’s Dwarfs

Dwarf Lord

Master Engineer
Thane BSB

20 Warriors (HW/Shield, full command)
20 Longbeards (GW/HW/Shield, full command)
10 Thunderers (musician)
10 Thunderers (musician)

15 Ironbreakers(full command)
12 Slayers (Giant Slayer/Musician, Standard)
Bolt Thrower
Grudge Thrower


Organ Gun

Results Round 1- Chris Tomb Kings’ Draw Round 2 Aarons WoC – Win

John’s Empire

General of Empire- Armor of Silvered Steel, Holy Relic, Great Weapon, Pistol

Captain, BSB, Mounted, Sword of Sigismund
Battle Wizard, Level 2 Lore of Fire, Seal of Destruction
Battle Wizard, Level 2, Lore of Life, Dispel Scroll
Warrior Priest, Armor of Metoric Iron, Great Weapon

30 Swordsmen, FC , War Banner
Detachment 10 Handgunners

30 Free Company FC

30 Flagellants , Horde

10 Crossbows, Musician
10 Handgunners

10 Inner Circle Knights, FC, Steel Standard
Great Cannon
5 Pistoliers, Musician, Champ w/ Repeater Pistol

Results- Round 1- Jeff’s Empire- Win Round 2 – Joes Skaven- Win

My Empire on the table during- deployment round 1

More TK vs Dwarfs..note Chris' custom catapult in the rear.

Terrain was preset, with 7-8 pieces per table…mysterious terrain was limited
Specific buildings with used, Temple of Skulls, Arcane Ruins, etc..roughly 1
Per table..all woods were normal.

Again my overall opinions previous posted haven’t changes. At 4-0 with the new edition…Empire is looking like a very solid army, its just seems I have a lot more tools now and with the augment spells from the Lore of Life, some my average troops become down right scary. My Game 1 of Empire vs Empire..Started with me trying out the new grapeshot rules and shredding Jeff’s Pistoliers to ribbons. Leaving only the champ who continues to be a pain in my butt..jeff’s massive formations and detachments seemed daunting..but using my Knights to lure Kurt Helborg and Jeffs knights out of the game..The Lore of Life,’s the Dwellers Below’s and bullseye Mortar blast..evaporated the majority of the Greatswords…I had enough shooting that thinned out detachments were no match for 30 Free Company and my 30 Flaggies buffed to Toughness 5, thanks to Flesh to Stone more than held up those Spearmen until I could flank it on 3 sides…a crushing victory.

Game 2 Skaven, 2 nasty Lords a massive horde and 2 Doomwheels is nothing to take lightly, but again I got Flesh to Stone and those Toughness 5 Flaggies Won me the day, crushing the Vermin Lord and then his massive Block of Storm Vermin The Doom Wheel’s wreaked some havoc but I got my Knights into one of them destroying it, the other went out of control and saved me turn before it started chewing up my flank. Joe had some other problems thinning out his own ranks like the Skaven Brew backfiring and some miscasts..I had more then enough magic defense and took the always menacing “Plague” out the game turn 1 with the Seal of Destruction.. With one of my Wizards bunkered in the Arcane Ruins on the table I also had enough magic offense to make joe really struggle . The doomwheels and the Warpfire teams and the Storm Banner caused me some pain early A great game closer than it seemed The turnkey was underestimating the first turn power of 30 Flaggies. In Horde formation, especially when buffed to T5 he turned down chance to try to dispel over other things.

Here’s some of the thoughts and background on 8th edition from the guys playing tonight.

Aaron- grew up on 3rd edition and then didnt play for years returning as new player in 7th ed for the last 6 months or so before 8th’s arrival.” check out Aarons Blog for his awesome custom sculpted Warriors of Chaos army.

In my first game, I tangled with the Dark Elves, and the way that the new rules affect things was kind of surprising. Units like the 20 corsairs were a fantastic way to anchor a flank for the DE. My warriors were predictably awesome, I'll have to make more of them! Some of the nuances of reforming, and maneuvering I still need to get my head around. Billy's dwarfs kind of rocked my world. They are much more viable now I think. The new arty rules are tight, and make it slightly more effective. In general, I am very pleased with 8th. I didn't have a lot to gripe about with 7th, but I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. The major change is that much of the mechanics are linked to dice rolls, and tests. Charge distance, march blocking, moving after reforming for example.“

Rich- has been playing Warhammer on and off for numerous editions since its very early days and has a 20 year + Chaos Collection. You can read more of Rich’s thoughts on last night on his great blog

Holy buckets of dice Batman! Over all I find the new edition is smooth, big and fast moving, but I question its long term play value.”

Billy- got seriously into the game in 5th and Played solidly for the whole run of 6th and 7th, Bretonnia in 6th, mostly Dwarfs in 7th, with dalliances into High Elves, Skaven, and Chaos Warriors." Check out Billy's Blog

8th has taken me from being ready to quit WHFB altogether to actually being excited about it again. (Seriously, I've painted about 600 points worth of models in the last 10 days, after not touching my Dwarfs for months) I think the increased amount of terrain is going to force the "shove models forward and make with the stabbin'" armies to actually maneuver, and premeasuring makes the game more about managing the risk inherent in variable charge distances than having the ability to judge abstract distances on a tabletop. The changes to special rules do a lovely job of tweaking some of the more abusive armies in a way that I was skeptical a core ruleset could do. It really takes a system that was obviously showing its age and flaws in an incredibly unflattering way, streamlines and polishes it, and turns it into a ruleset that they should actually be proud of selling in a market that competes with 40K 5th edition, Warmachine, and War of the Ring.”

Chris- Chris is seasoned player playing 6th and 7th ed heavily he done quite a few of major tourneys over since I've known him including winning Best Sportsman at the 2008 Chicago GT.

"Overall, I like it alot. Playing, I had a clear vision of massive armies in battle with heroic leaders inspiring nearby troops and powerful sorcerers casting game deciding spells (sometimes to their own demise). "

Joe D- Joe's a regular at our local GW shop and has played Ogres, Lizards, Skaven, Empire and Daemons of Chaos during 7th Edition.

"when I first heard all of the rumors for 8th before the book came out I thought I would possible flat out quitting or just playing 7th edition at peoples houses. I said I would give it a shot and I have come around to find that 8th isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I mean yes I have to readjust my lists but that isn't a bad thing necessarily. I am now looking at working on armies that were mostly neglected in the last edition because the rules were just not in their favor. The 2400 points we played last night felt like a 2k game in 7th but speed up a hair. It was a good tempo. "

I'll add more quotes from the guys as they come in.......



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