Sunday, February 13, 2011

Warehouse Hulk- bout done.

Labor of love here, with some snow days preventing the boys from even getting here for club night the last month I found some extra time to finish this up to about 95%. There are some paint issues I want to address and I still need to build the hangar door, but I haven't figured out "what I am going to do for the door itself...the frame is figured out..pieces are cast..just need to think about it awhile and maybe play on it some. I stopped keeping track of time but I started with nothing on Jan 8th, figure 5 weeks and on man hours?...I'd say 80ish hours including casting.

Hirst Molds used
#301, 302, 303,
#270 (X2) #271, #272, #273

I own 270, 271 and 303, the rest I borrowed from Rich, except for #272 which I was from another friend, it was imperative to have 2 molds of # 270 in order to decrease the casting time because there are a ton of floor tiles used here, and if you read my previous entry I wasted a couple hundred tiles trying to make one gigantic floor piece.

I broke open a brand new 50Lbs box of Merlins Magic for this ($68 shipped), I have exactly two pounds left. So if we want to figure real cost figure most of the box of plaster, plus the 3 molds I bought ($100 shipped) plus $12 or so for the 2 big pieces of foam core..and basic colors come from 2 quarts of house paint I bought at Home Depot, and I used almost a whole bottle of glue. Figure just about $200 on the nose real cost, Of course I'm not figuring in other paints, but I was really using old paints ready for the garbage anyway. ( also if you bought all the molds I used here it would run you about roughly $250 for the 8 molds.

all the Props are from Hirst Molds with the exception of the Lab Equipment (cobblestone castings) the small rectangle crates which are from my 15mm scenery and are by GZG and the Vehicle under the control room in the hanger, is a stripped down Star Wars vehicle from WotC.
I bought a couple of for 2 bucks each and plan on raiding my friends IG bitz boxes.putting some treads on them and making them cool futuristic work vehicles.

I put my "red planet" 4 x 4 in the back ground for looks, it worked.

Next up is talking about playing some Skirmish on this, I've been working on my own Sci-Fi Skirmish ruleset for awhile now, it works in both 15 and 28mm (same rules) its either one inch equals 10 feet at 15mm and 5' at 28mm. I've noticed tons of people are putting out simple house rulesets lately, I've made it point not to look at anyone them, just so I can see where mine falls in. While I am sure there some overlap with basic concepts..I'm pretty confident my dice mechanic is unique..whether that's good or bad remains to be seen.

Figures here are by Reaper but I got a bunch of other figures for skirmish from a variety of companies, not one of which is Games unless I throw the handful of Genestealers I have down for some Space Hulk style fun, don't expect too much GW in my Sci Fi.. accept for other people playing some games with me.

There still some paint touch up to do, nothing major, I have painted all the pipes in the base red yet and that "Mint Green" glow I did in the emergency power room is irking me, I need to tweak that a bit, still figuring out the "how" there.

I left several areas as transition points so I can easily add on to this in the future, I plan on adding a couple rooms down the road. After I wrap up the next few projects.

A bit over the top with rust powder in a few spots..nothing a light black wash wont tone done.

In the end, a really fun project...I feel my "hirst" chops are very good at this point and I am already looking forward to next one, After two big setups the intimidation factor is gone and I say bring it on!.LOL. but I got a ton of figures to do, an event to run and get ready for, and a bunch of gaming to do first.


Anonymous said...

In a word: stunning. Absolutely great work!

AoM said...

John, that bad boy looks awesome! Like Is aid before, I'm looking forward to seeing the rules you're going to use. (I ended up deciding on Confrontation 3rd ed. for the basis of the samurai rules, btw.) I really wish I could play a game or two on that board. I guess I'll just stick to my classic (now OOP)Ebbles terrain for my indoor sci-fi stuff.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

You should go post this project on the Hirst forums - they would love seeing it.

Tim Kulinski said...


Dude, why the hell do you need to live in Chi town, I want to play on that stinkin board! Any chance that thing will make it to Adepticon in 2012???

So I am looking forward to seeing your rules buddy, e-mail me and give me details.

Once again man, awesome frickin job man!

ZeroTwentythree said...

Looks great!

Robert said...

Wow! That is great work!

Steve said...


inrepose said...

Stunning board -Great work of love and sweat!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wow! That's just awesome!


CK aka Kronos said...

This is unbelievable awesome. I've looked at this for an hour and there is still so much to process. This is inspirational, epic and truly great. Respect!

DistractionMan said...

John, where did you get the Mad Max figure for the Warehouse Hulk game board pictures?

JPL said...

Hi there!
its Reaper # 50065
from the Chronoscope line, should be widely available.

DistractionMan said...

Thanks John


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