Thursday, April 11, 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep- Prepping Burning Light.

  Burning Light is the first campaign supplement for Rangers of Shadow Deep, its included as an appendix to the core rules after the initial 8 introductory scenarios.  In the coming months I’ll be playing the whole thing as solo campaign continuing the adventures of the Ranger Blackwulf and his men.  Its an 9 Scenario Campaign so including this preparative post this should be a 10 post series.  None of the Scenarios are particularly long , each scenario deals with a specific area  which needs to explored and cleared on a 9 turn clock. so each game should make a single post, should  things get long winded I might move into a second post but I am going to try to keep each to one.

The Rangers of Alladore are sent to explore the ruins of an old convent deep within the darkness of the shadow deep to recover a powerful artifact.

The adversary list is pretty massive- 71 miniatures beside your Ranger Crew as potential foes and even a few potential allies. I already have about 2/3 of the list painted and ready to go , leaving me 20-25 miniatures to paint. I’m not going to go into the whole list but let me show up as they do in each episode to avoid spoilers

Most of the terrain is done as well , as I am using various pieces from my Village of Blackbarrow as the specific terrain or as background on a larger battle ground.  Again the room sizes of scenarios with be down sized to fit my terrain, as I have previously mentioned I don’t necessarily think the battlegrounds  should be a large as specified in the book, I understand “why” its that way , But in the context of a campaign its seems not realistic (the Hospital being 10,000 SF at 28mm Scale ) while my room I am using is around 1200 SF in scale is lot more realistic . The tighter spaces will give the game much more of a dungeon crawl feel. Some of the spaces are per as specified , some I am using the actual models of the building subscribed. For instance my Wayside Inn makes a perfect Hospital, Abess Quarters and Dormitory, all I need to do is swap out the furniture.

Past the figures and terrain we have map which allows me to choose where I want to go after each with Three potential starting points. The map included in the book its purposely extremely generic 

This allows each of us to interpret the spaces as we imagine in my case I redrew a rough sketch of the convent as I envisioned with my terrain  

(excuse my drawing I am way out of practice I know my perspective is off, I didn’t want to obsess over it for to long just enough  to get the point across for the campaign narrative)

In our adventure we will be starting at the Gatehouse as our first scenario 

As you can see I kept the gatehouse pretty close the specified size, and still get to use my actual Gatehouse structure from my Castle with my newer modular walls.

Really looking forward to playing this , not only is it 9 games but I’ll end up painting 25 or miniatures and some new terrain as well.  I’ll hopefully get started this weekend, 
with Scenario A –The Gatehouse.  Where I will reintroduce Blackwulf and his Crew with their current stats and roll some dice.

Go Rangers!



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