Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Years Thoughts

       Just some New Years musings on the year that was 2019 for gaming at Plastic Legions.  I was working on the write up for the final showdown for the Burning Light Campaign but quickly realized there was no way I was going to get that written up and have all the pictures wrangled to post in the next few hours before New Years Eve festivities, start so I figure I end the year with this:

Obviously the year was devoted to Rangers of Shadow Deep, my favorite game of recent memory for a lot of reasons but specifically because I don’t have the time or even much inclination to get out and “game” . I prefer the quite time of fiddling away with my models in my basement, and an occasional solo game, and it’s a great solo game.

If you follow Rangers at all, you’re probably aware of its success, not just for its author who already had the massive hit that is Frostgrave on his hands ( Congrats Joe!) but for Northstar miniature’s as well, who keeps churning out great miniature’s for the line. Joe’s  self released the Core book, a rules update and 4 Supplements all in just over a year.  It got the attention of enough folks that Modiphus is soon releasing a deluxe version of rulebook , and if that is a success who knows what else.

Blood Moon is the next mission for me for Rangers, and I have to build quite a bit for it so its going to be awhile..I have started some basic casting for the Manor , (my next hirst arts project) and I also picked up the Tabletop World- Altburg Stable thru the Kickstarter and I am proud to say it was my ONLY Kickstarter of the entire year!...I have always loved Tabletop Worlds models but never took the plunge., this was tough to pass on it will look great on my massive Blackbarrow table and we need a stable for Blood Moon..so it was done . I got the tracking info right around Christmas day , its coming from Croatia but I expect here not before too long...

I made very few purchases this year for gaming, and managed to stick to my guns on selling things and not buying anything new. I don’t think I purchased more than a dozen single models all year (mainly Reaper) and I totally avoided Reapers most recent Kickstarter, even  thou by the end there were a few things tempting me, but then I would just go re read MY OWN POST.

I didn’t do a ton of painting this year either, other than what I needed for Rangers games but I did paint a variety of other things for some other games. Mainly things from the Reaper 4 Kickstarter that will be showing up in Blood Moon and I did paint some Prehistoric models so I could try out Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten  which for whatever reason really intrigues me. I’ll be showing these off as I talk about that game coming up. Oh and I started another Boat nothing huge but something cool, for Rangers, or Pirates of whatever.. Im sure Ill get to before too long.

Finally Speaking of Modiphius ,  Browsing the Modiphius website while talking about the Rangers Book , I scrolled over to Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.. Now I have known about this game since it was announced and despite playing all  4 Fallout Games since 1997 all of them more than once…the first two, easily a half dozen full run thrus each.  I purposely STAYED AWAY due to the cost and the fact I don’t need to get into any more games, I probably will never play BUT I was looking at it with my 13 year old daughter chatting about it and why I love the models but don’t want to get into it…and she must have told my wife because WHAT DO I GET FOR CHRISTMAS.

Now they didn’t get the distinction between the PVC and Resin models and I have the PVC set..I have not done anything with it yet..but I watched a bunch of gameplay videos and it looks like it’s a great solo game too. SO it looks like I am going down the rabbit hole here..Im going to see how good I can make these crappy plastic models look before I pull the trigger on one of these resin boxes..this game is like Games Workshop money .something I washed my hands of  5 or 6 years ago, so where this  goes remains to be seen…I’ll see you all in 2020 probably more , not less and its my 14th year on the blog and counting

Happy New Year.


myincubliss said...


I’ve managed to resist FWW so far, but some of those minis are very pretty...

Wouter said...

Sounds like you had a great year!
The stable from Tabletop World looks awesome and does remind me that I still need to sell the things I have from the range as I have made the plunge into 15mm and I'm not going back.
Fallout looks very interesting but I had no idea there were two different sets. The resin one is probably a lot more expensive.
Looking forward to more RoSD!
Happy New Year!


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