Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dark Age Campaign Round 8

A somewhat belated post as the Campaign concluded this week, but here is the map as of the beginning of the move turn for the last round. Round 7, had the Normans coming back and beating my Saxons in a last ditch effort with a score of 24-12, While The Caliphate again made gains against the Byzantines 22-11. Again both close games for the most part until the tides turned with some key combats. In my case it was the Norman Cavalry again getting the best of me, and the luck I had in our previous meet was none withstanding. While the Normans had their bragging rights with the victory this week, their empire has about crumbled while the other 3 Empires all had 19 territories each, with Rich in the lead for total number of armies. Final moves had as all trying to reinforce hold territory and squeak up what could to win the campaign. I'll be back with final post for last rounds games as soon as we all update our data.


Hendrid said...

It's been an interesting campaign and i've been rooting for the Caliphates so so far so good. Look forward to hear of the final bouts. Cheers Rory


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