Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lead Painters League Season 6

If you're reading my Blog and are not familiar with the Lead Adventure forum. Then I am not doing justice in talking enough about one of the best places in the nether-sphere to get your fill of  awesome lead and hobby. I was lurker for years before actually posting my own stuff, the forum has a somewhat different vibe that say CMON, or the WAMP forum. It's almost purposely Anti-GW, not in a "bash and troll" sort of way but in the "he who shall not be named' or a "been there done that" sort of way. While various eras of Citadel miniatures do certainly make their appearances, you would not be hanging your hat there looking for photos of the newest Space Wolves releases . You want to see  awesome Pirate ships or swashbuckling towns, Zulu Warriors fighting British Colonials or Near Future Apocalypse games than LAF is for you. Its different from say CMON, in that while the Talent bar is very high, its frequented by more of the middle aged guys with beards and lead fetishes, then say professional miniature artists, so its very much a niche forum in that respect. Anyway its one of the few places I frequent that while I contribute rarely, it just feels like it "fits".

Lead Painters League is years contest now in Season 6 held over at LAF, with this year quickly filling up its 50 spots. Its comprised of 10 weeks of submitted entries of Teams of at least 5 Painted miniatures in a particular scene that are voted on by the fellow members. Yes, you read that right its  50 miniatures in 10 weeks if you want to enter all 10 rounds (you dont have to) ...obviously unless you have alot of free time on your hands or are a speed painter, a person could spend all year working on getting ready for this, Not for big prizes. there are none. but simply for the love of the hobby and the competition of showing off your own stuff against other great stuff.

I was fortunate enough to make the submission deadline this year, and since you're not supposed to previously show off the entries, I am using a certain section of miniatures I have not been showing off on the blog much for anything with my initial 3 entries. Some of my better (non GW) stuff of the last five years is filtering its way in I still probably end up doing 15 or so brand new models for the contest over the ten weeks, the remaining stuff is from my current finished collection, you'll certainly recognize the terrain I am using as my back drop as the Dungeon and Space (warehouse) Hulk and Pirate Town will be making numerous appearances as background scenery.

Anyway I find this contest particularly inspiring so I wanted to take note. The entries for round 1 will be posted this Sunday on Lead Adventure Forum..and of course if you wanted to register and vote, I believe that would be encouraged and you would not be disappointed. Several of the rounds are Themed for bonus points. Round 1 is entitled "old lead" encouraging entries from before 1991, never one to disappoint in something called "old lead" I went back to late 79-80 with my entry.


Tim Kulinski said...


Good for you man, I did enter some stuff way back in session one. I knew it would just be a matter of time before you entered! best of luck man, will be looking for your entry.

airbornegrove26 said...

Will be looking for your stuff on Sunday. Good Luck. =)

Agree with you about LAF. Spend 90% of my internet time there.


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