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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 3: Decent into Darkness, Scenario 3: The Last Stand , Part III

This report is a full play-through
All die rolls are shown as (X) all combat rolls are (x,x) the first number always being the heroes.

Orcs are subbed for Gnolls but use the Gnolls stats from the scenario

Picking directly up from where we left off  after 6 turns!

Mission 3: Decent into Darkness, Scenario 3: The Last Stand , Part III continues...



Blackwulf can activate Sigurd  using group activation

With the Dust Storm limiting visibility to 10 inches they cant see the oncoming Orcs (so Blackwulf cant shoot at them)  so the both men move inside the Farmhouse with a double move.


The new  group of Orcs attacks

Orc Fighter 5  and 6 make  9 inch double move toward the farm house , they can see Skuti and will be able to climb the farmhouse walls and enter the building in one turn. This turn gets them right to the farmhouse wall

Orcs assault the house

Orc Archer 1 can see Skuti who has hard cover so its +6 vs +2  (18,19) the arrow misses.

Orc Archer 2 also shoots at Skuti  (20,6) again at 26 to 8 the arrow hits the stone wall

Over by the small ruined house.......

Zombie 6 still fighting with Gord attacks him again (9,3) its +1 vs +0 Gord wins again but cant damage the thing.


Skuti can see the Orc Archers  and the the 2 Orc Fighter who are about breach the farmhouse walls
He decides the Orc fighters are the bigger threat and takes a shot at Orc fighter  5 since he’ll get no cover bonus (6,20) miss the shot is deflected

For his second action Skuti moves down the ladder to reposition as those Orcs will get inside next turn

Otis , Rook and Granpa make double moves actions inside the house moving toward Blackwulf and Sigurd and away from where the house will be breached

Over by the small ruined building…..

The Sergeant moves and attacks Zombie 6 fighting Gord from behind, Gord is now supporting for a +4 attacks vs +0  (11,10) the Sgt wins 15, 10 but its only 3 Damage the Zombie fights on!
That skull marker is where Xavos the Arcanist fell..

Back in the Farmhouse….

The Scout and Corporal hold position bows ready.



Place two Orc archers, two Orc fighters, and one Orc sergeant at a random
point on the table edge.

Holy crap this is bad 5 more Orcs and the are deployed on table edge closets to the front door!
I guess the previous attackers where just softening us up for the main assault.

5 More Orcs show at the front of the house while we are being breached from the rear? ! the Event deck knows how stage coordinated attacks!



Blackwulf uses group activation to activate Sigurd , Rook and Otis

Blackwulf and Sigurd move into the room with Skuti to help defend vs the Orcs

Rook and Otis move toward the front door to back up the Scout


Orcs breaching the house!

Orc Fighter 5 is up the wall and into the house he comes down and into combat with Blackwulf, Skuti is pulled into the combat as well – they don’t fight yet as this was a double move

Orc Fighter 6 is up the wall and into the house he lands and moves into combat with Sigurd
– they don’t fight yet as this was a double move

Orc Archer 1 and 2 having no targets make a  double move toward the center of the house

 New Orc War Party

Orcs attack!

With only 10 inches of visibility all 5 orcs make a single  move toward the Farmhouse center point
 After a single move target appear

Orc Archer 3 sees the Scout by the door and Shoots at him is +2 vs +3 as the Scout gets and extra point for the hurried shot (1,1) epic fail. Miss

Orc Archer 4 sees the Scout by the door and Shoots at him is +2 vs +3 as the Scout gets and extra point for the hurried shot (13,6)  or 16 to 8 another miss.

Orc Fighter 7 and 8 proceed  three more inches with a second move toward The Scout

Orc Sgt also moves another 3 inches toward the Scout.

Meanwhile over by the Small ruined building……they don’t see the Orcs moving up on the front of the house

Zombie 6 attacks Gord!  Its +3 vs +0 (13,8) or 16 to 8 Gords dagger is -1 damage but 3 damage is enough to put the Zombie down as he drives his knife in its eyesocket….

Finally they kill this Zombie...


Skuti in combat with Orc Fighter 5 , Blackwulf is supporting +4  vs +2  (11,2) or 15 to 4  Skuti has a dagger so its -1 damage vs 11 armor for 3 damage

The Scout who was standing in the open some how being missed by Orc arrows moves inside the front door and shoots  at Orc Fighter 7 (2,13)  he misses. 

Gord  finally done with that Zombie moves to the outside corner of the stone wall and throws his lucky knife at Orc Archer 3 (16,10) Gord is +1 vs +2 so 17 to 12 he hits its -1 damage and 6 damage to the Orc

Gord and the Lorenthian Sgt come from the left and flank attack the Orcs...

If you recall in the setup Gord made a successful traps roll and he is allowed to make a free +3 shooting attack against any figure at any point during the scenario.

Well we are going to use that now, assuming Gord has set up a trap in the front yard that the Orc Sgt just stepped in..Boom (19,7)  Gord is one lucky SOB  at 22 to 7 that 11 damage to the Orc Sgt he’s barely alive with 1 health  left!

the potential of rolling for the Trap is a cool twist added in this scenario, worked out great for me.

The Sergeant comes across the road jumps the wall and has enough movement left to engage Orc Fighter 7 but they don’t fight this turn

The Corporal can see Orc Fighter 8 thru the window in the front of the house and takes a crossbow shot I give the Orc Light cover as she cant see all of him its +2 vs +2  (11,4) or 13 to 6 she hits and with +2 damage the Orc takes 4 damage. Second action RELOADS

Finally, Grandpa who just kind of stands around hoping to not be killed!



Choose one hero. That figure should make a Perception Roll (TN6). If successful, it finds a quiver containing one +3 magic arrow.

I choose Skuti of course (11) that will come In handy if lives thru this melee
 Ok, whew if anymore enemies showed up we would be in trouble, although the heroes put a hurt on the Orc war party that just showed up.




Blackwulf activates Sigurd and Skuti  using group activation,

Blackwulf attacks Orc Fighter 5 Skuti is supporting its  +6 vs +2  (8,14 )   Blackwulf  loses this 14 to 16 and takes 5 damage, his first wound of the Match

 Skuti follows up +4 with Blackwulf supporting vs +2  (10,6) Skuti wins 14 to 8 he only does 2 damage to Orc with his dagger (-1)  more importantly he steps back from the combat

With a second action he climbs up the second floor platform.

The fight inside the house begins.

Sigurd attacks Orc Fighter 6  it +3 vs +2  (15, 16)  ugh a tie at 18!  The Orc takes 7 damage while  Sigurd takes 6 damage


Orcs go in order of those the highest health first

Orc Archers  1 and 2  Climb to top of the wall entering the house onto the second floor platform since the rules say its requires 8 inches of movement to come thru the roof the stop on the second floor, the turn completed.

Orc Archers breach the house as well, Skuti found a much better spot

Orc Archer 4 has both the Scout and Gord an equal 8 inches from him I roll for it 50/50 low its Gord, high the Scout (16) it’s the Scout  who has +2 cover from the doorway the Shot is +2 vs +4  (15,6) Scout wins The arrows hits the door frame.

Orc Fighter 7 in Combat with the Sergeant they fight its +2 vs +3  (4,14) the Sergeant getting clobbered and loses 17 to 5 , his 12 armor leaves him with 5 damage and 7 health left

Orc Fighter 8, charges the farmhouse front door and engages the Scout its and even fight at +2 each (9,9) at 11 each they tie as each has 11 armor no damage
The upper section of the front wall of the house is removable so I can get better access.

Orc Fighter 6 +2 attacks Sigurd  +3 (15,11) Sigurd wins 18,13 and the 6 damage puts the Orc down, Sigurd is not close enough to Blackwulf to be dragged into his fight

Orc Archer 3 turns and shoots a Gord who lucky knifed him last turn..Gord is +3 with Light cover the Archer +2  (1,5)  Gord loses the roll but the shoot does no damage.

Orc Fighter 5 +2 fights Blackwulf +4  (10,1) Blackwulf wins 14 to 3 and the 3 damage  the Orc still fights with 2 health..since Blackwulf won thou he steps back from this Combat.

Last but not least the Orc Sgt with 1 health from Gords trap moves into combat with the Lorenthian Sgt and Orc Fighter 7 the Orc Sgt is +5 with Support vs our Sgt’s +3 (18,14) yes! Our Sgt prevails finishing off the Orc Sgt with 10 damage!

The Orc Sgt had better days he took 21 damage in his 2 turns on the board


Gord jumps the Stonewall and engages Orc Fighter 7 from the rear..backstab tho there is no bonus for that hes +3 with the Sgt supports vs the Orcs +2  (18,3) Gord shanks him! 21 to 5 and but with -1 from the dagger the Orc hangs on with 1 heatlh

The Sergeant +5 with Gords Support tries to finish the Job on the Orc +2 (17,6) and he does another dead Orc fighter

(a bit of good luck, there I’d say!)

Otis steps up and joins the fight with Scout at the Door vs Orc Fighter 8 Otis has no fight skill +0 but he gets support from the Scout so its an even +2 fight. (12,14) The Orc wins 16, 14  both Otis and Scout have 10 health so I have him hit Otis since he was attacking Otis takes 6 damage.

The Scout get to attacks as well +4 thanks to Otis vs +2  (7,3) he wins with an 11 but no damage before the -1 for dagger.

The Corporal Lines up Orc Archer 1 who just climbed into the second floor. Its clear shot so +2 vs +2  (11,10 ) she hits 13 to 12, the 13 become a 15 thanks to the Archer takes 4 damage.

at this point I have to start using the Civilians in combat to not let any more Orcs in the house.

Rook and Grandpa move to safe spot hiding from the Orcs arrows next turn.



Place one giant spider in a random corner of the larger farmhouse room.

Man the event deck is relentless, I guess that’s better the Troll

Unfortunately I roll (3) for the random corner which is where Rook just moved to hide from the Archers And now there is spider on top of him!

How poor Rook managed to survive the last stand can be chalked up to dumb luck.



 Blackwulf group activates with Sigurd and Skuti.
Sigurd engages Orc fighter 5 who is still hanging on its +3 vs +2  (14,3) Sigurd wins 17 to 4 and 6 damage takes that Orc out…

Blackwulf pulls out his Bow and shoots at the wounded Orc Archer 1 its and even shot +2 vs +2  (14,1) Blackwulf scores 16 to 3,  but its only 5 damage the Orc Hangs on with 1 point of health

Skuti goes to follow up to try to take the Orc Archer out so we only have one In the shooting back at us I decide to have use that magic arrow he found earlier to help make sure we get the job done he shoots (7,8) and wow its exactly enough  12 to 10 for 1 damage the Archer falls….Lets hope its worth it,


Orc Archer 2 is unwounded and takes a  + 2 shot a Sigurd as he is closest Sigurd activates his Shield of Brightness he’s had since one the earliest missions and its still has 2 charges..he’s using one here.
So hes  +8 to defend instead of +3  (11,17)  damn that +8 makes its 19 to 17 and it misses if Sigurd didn’t have that shield he’d be OoA  MISS!

Orc Archer 4 is unwounded also ,

According to “Evil Creature Actions” p53, Evil Creature with missle weapons wont engage in melee
I am going to have belay that Order and Orc Fighter 7 is has 1 health and is in 2 vs 1, I the  Orc Joins the Melee attacking  seeing him as an easy target .Gords  support is cancelled its 2 vs 2 now Orc is +1 so is Gord (1,11) he had Gords number too but he is also armed with a dagger   so its only 1 damage to Gord.

Orc Archer abandons game protocol to try to get an easy kill..
Giant Spider is unwounded attacks Rook  its +0 vs +0  (19,9) whoa Rook comes up big and kills the Spider with 10 damage ,,lucky Rook!

Orc Fighter 8 at the doorway +2 vs Otis with Scout supporting +2 (1,5) a stalemate going now where thou the Orc won so they cant step back.

Orc Archer 3 , here this one with 4 health left follows protocol moving 6 inches toward the target point looking for a shot


The Sergeant +3 vs Orc Fighter 7 +2  (16,13) 19 to 15, The Sgt finishes him off with 8 damage for the  Sgts second action he  moves over to support Gord.

Gord attacks Orc Archer 4 its + 3 with Support vs +1 (11,9)  14,10  he hits but with the dagger its only 2 dam vs 11 armor.

The Scout +4 with Otis Supporting vs Orc Fighter 8 +2  (18,5) the tide is turning even with his dagger its 10 damage Orc Fighter 8 drops dead. 

When the Orc at door fell the tide was turning, or so Otis thought.

The Corporal fires at Orc Archer 2  its +2 vs +1  (13,15) she just misses 15,16, She Reloads

Otis feels the fight going our way and he runs into the Courtyard to fight the wounded Orc Archer 3
Its +0 vs +1 (12,20!!!!) OoooFF  Otis gets knife in his eye socket  and falls dead…11 damage.

(well that was dumb)

Otis KIA

Rook and Grandpa keep hiding to try to save some Survivors after that example



A break in the dark clouds above revels a single star shining in the sky. Pick
one hero. That figure is returned to its full starting Health.

Hallelujah! We’ll take that instead of more monsters…

Sigurd goes from 4 back to 13



Blackwulf groups activates with freshly divinely healed Sigurd and Skuti

Skuti +2 fires an Arrow at Orc Archer 2  +1  (5,16) he cant get a break miss

Blackwulf also fires an Arrow at Orc Archer 2  again +2 vs +1 (15,1)  Bingo 17 to 2, that’s 6 damage.

Now Sigurd climbs the ladder and engages its +3 vs +1 (3,6) Bah…Orc wins no damage.


Orc Archer 4 has the most health in a 2 vs 1 with Gord and the Sgt it fights for its life  evil creatures attack the lowest health so that would be the Sgt so its +5 vs +1 in the heroes favor. (14,11)  or 19 to 12, The Sgt cuts the Orc down with the needed 8 damage.

Orc Archer 3 +2  then turns around and shoots the Sgt +3 in the back! (15,20) damn! The sneaky git… 22 to 18…nothing can Save the Sgt there…he takes10 damage and falls dead
(too bad he did a good job!)

The Lorenthian Sgt who more that carried his weight for all the Survivors gets bushwacked by the sneaky orc, he could have been a future companion! RIP.

Orc Archer 2  +1 attacks Sigurd +3 (12,10) Sigurd bests him this time 15 to 11 and the 4 damage is all he needs another dead orc.
Sigurd finished him here.


Gord is po’d about the Sgt getting cut down from behind and against my better judgement charges the wounded Orc Archer 3  its an even contest at +1 fight with daggers (14,13) or 15 to 14, Gord wins with 3 damage but the Orc is still fighting with 2 health!

The Scout comes out of the house to help finish the job now its 2 vs 1 knife fight with the good guys at +3 vs +1   (5,11) this Orc Archer is a possessed I think…he wins 12 to 8… stabbing Gord who just takes 1 damage from his knife

The Corporal comes down from the second floor and move toward the front door

Grandpa and Rook hide



Place one troll at a random point on the table edge.

Are you kidding me???? on the last turn!!! Groan…..

Last turn sunrise!!!


Blackwulf group activates with only Skuti
Skuti can move a couple inches and get LoS on the troll, and he is exactly 10 inches away he shoot it’s a hurried shot  +2 vs +5 for the Troll (8,8) He misses

Blackwulf moves to the Second floor so he can get eyes on the troll but because of the dust storm its too far away 13” he cant shoot.


Troll lumbers toward the house a double move at 6 inches.

Orc Archer 3 Keeps on Fighting 2 vs 1 its +1 for him vs +3 for Gord and the Scout. (12,4) finally 15 to 5 the 3 damage will put him down.


The Corporal moves  6 inches into the Courtyard and gets Line of Sight on the Troll, it’s a Hail Mary
Shes +2 shoot the Troll has +4 fight, Hurried shot +1 and Intervening terrain +1  so +6
(16,12) or 18,18 close but in case of tie…she misses.

we were literally "saved by the bell" if this is any indication of how things were going to go..
Remaining heroes and survivors play dead hoping troll will go away


A Strange roar is heard in from the woods and the Troll turns lumbers back into the Shadow Deep

mysterious roar got the trolls attention and turn around and ran off, (actually the game ended, heh)


I think saved  by the bell is the appropriate term here. Pulling the second troll on turn 11 was karma for (caveat) somehow along the way  when  shooting missile weapons  I started comparing peoples shoot stat vs shoot stat for defense , instead of their fight stat !..I got off easy on the first troll
I corrected as soon as I caught it but its happened during the middle turns.

 For determining casualties i'll be using my house rule on the survival table


Thorvald  (17) -3 = 14 full recovery
Guthrum will use his Anthalas Herb so instead of -4 he will be -3 (5)-3 = 2 DEAD…
Xavos  (6)  badly wounded.

Otis  -Dead
The Sergeant -Dead
The Widow –Dead

One Treasure Token Recovered. (19)  8 games and our first Magic Item!
And I rolls another (19)  a Fireball Orb..


•+2XP for each zombie or giant fly killed.  2 GIANT FLY and 6 ZOMBIES  for 16 XP
• +3XP for each Orc killed.  13 ORCS  for 39 XP
• +8XP for each troll killed.   1 for 8 XP
• +8XP if the burrow worm is killed.  1 for 8XP
• +8XP for each Lorenthian still alive at the end of the scenario
   4, Rook, The Corporal , The Scout and Grandpa   32 XP

103 XP for Ranger Blackwulf , he reaches Level 5.

1 Progression point for Skuti, Gord and Sigurd

Crazy scenario , the event deck was literally murder we faced 24 out of 32 possible enemies
We got both trolls though the second one was a non factor and the Burrow Worm.
Considering I played most of the Survivors as noncombatant and our Arcanist is basically a noncombatant- we were mostly always outnumbered till the later turns.

With this mission complete I have now  done complete full play-throughs   of all 3 introductory missions comprising  8 full Scenarios,  Or 8 stand alone games. For Rangers of Shadow Deep as a solo game I have few criticisms , The first thing that comes to mind is that was a whole lot of fighting and my Ranger is barely level 5 perhaps the experience is a bit low on some missions as the level threshold is now 150XP per level versus 100XP.  I would say that evil creature actions might need a tad adjustment especially  with archers who don’t have targets and there are melees going on all around then, Also I think there should be qualifiers for figures knock prone due an event (like the earthquake that game) . These criticisms are minor and I clearly love this game, I look forward to playing it Coop at some point.

Blackwulf and his Men are  going to honor the fallen Guthrum and reorganize for future missions,
I am probably going to do Blood Moon Next perhaps with 2 Rangers , perhaps not, either way Blackwulf isn’t going anywhere really as next up I am moving over to Frostgrave for serious of games so I can prep myself for an upcoming event at the end of next month. Most of our Heroes featured here show up asSoldiers in my Wizards Warband in frostgrave …so look forward at least one full playthrough of Frostgrave in the next next couple weeks. And thank you,  for checking out my adventures in the Shadow Deep.
Skuti shoots a flaming arrow into the boat as the men bid farewell to Infantryman Guthrum! He was knocked Out of action 5 of 8 games..finally the Burrow Worm was just too much.



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