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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission : Burning Light, Scenario I, The Final Showdown.

Here we are finally at the end of the road, this was a long campaign, I and I only played 5 of 8 missions before this Final episode.  I should have finished back in early September, best laid plans and all that more comments at the end, lets get on with it!
Regrouping after your search, you suddenly feel a crushing despair descend upon the convent. With a trembling horror, you realize that your time is up, and that your activities have been discovered. Grabbing up your equipment, and all your finds, you race out to the courtyard. There, standing in the shadows of the gateway, is a giant, demonic shape. Black wings stretch out from its back, and it stares at you with baleful eyes. Around the corners of the courtyard, gnolls take up fighting positions. It is time to decide: do you make your stand here or do you run and hope to lose them in the darkness of the Shadow Deep?

Blackwulf’s Report-  “ The library was a challenge, Calistra almost died, again..her need to throw herself headlong at any enemy demands respect but we need her to escape this alive. I have found the Decanter, but the Shadow Deep, knows and its coming..If you find this log on my dusty bones, know we tried”

Pre Game Notes
Three ways out, 5 man teams (3 soldiers an Archer and a Wolf) on the left and right,  Terror Wing (TW) in the middle…we are starting 3” out from Center of far table edge, near the herb store where we found the Decanter
This scenario last for nine turns.
This scenario features no points of interest.
The Target Point for this scenario is whichever exit is closest to the evil creature.
In my games Gnolls and subbed out for Orcs with all the exact gnoll’s statistics from the rules.
The scenario reads If we get the Decanter out  one of the exits the scenario ends , so I am giving it to Gord ,our Rogue since he is the fastest.. BUT I am playing everyone must exit the boards to end the game otherwise we keep playing, meaning Blackwulf stays on the battlefield until all enemies are slain his companions flee or he falls…THIS IS THE WAY.
Special Rules

Event Deck- Special Deck for this Scenario no more shadow deep cards.
Official New Rules Update
Challenge Level – two additional Orc Fighters have been added to each group.
Russian Roulette is in play with the mighty Thorvald (a killing machine of late) leading the death race at -4

The Plan..Blackwulf has a plan….delay Gord while he and the fighters engage the groups luring the creatures away from the exit….Blackwulf will challenge the Terror Wing head on sending fighters to engage the groups while Skuti give Ranged support..Should Gord escape , They’ll all start clearing out while they can.




“Regrouping after your search, you suddenly feel a crushing despair descend upon the convent. With a trembling horror, you realize that your time is up, and that your activities have been discovered. Grabbing up your equipment, and all your finds, you race out to the courtyard. There, standing in the shadows of the gateway, is a giant, demonic shape. Black wings stretch out from its back, and it stares at you with baleful eyes. Around the corners of the courtyard, Orcs take up fighting positions. It is time to decide: do you make your stand here or do you run and hope to lose them in the darkness of the Shadow Deep?”



Blackwulf activates Skuti and Thorvald for the Ranger Phase

Blackwulf fires an Arrow at the Terror Wing in the front of the gatehouse…we want to let him know we are coming for him, and Blackwulf will use his “Steady Aim” ability 1st thing…making his +2 a, +7 the roll Terror Wing is a large target for and the statue of St Emilia is intervening for  a net -1 to the TW’s roll its fight is +5 so we have +7 vs +4 (17,16) boom big roll right of the bat, almost an 18 where I could have used “deadly shot” oh well..he wins 24 to20 for a big 10 damage on the Terror Wing it howls in pain

Skuti Fires and arrow at the Orc Archer on the left (west) group of Orcs..(14,15) at +3 vs +2 it’s a tie 17 to 17 so a miss…bummer

Thorvald moves to counter the initial mob of Orcs on the left


Because we got lucky the Terror Wing will move later after all the unwounded orcs
Orcs are number 1-8 Left to Ring a d8 gives an order of 7,6 1,4,8,2, 5 ,3

7. Orc Archer…Closest target is Thorvald, there is intervening terrain the roll (10,6) is just a miss
6 Orc fighter – double move toward heroes
1 Orc fighter – double Move engages Thorvald they don’t fight this phase
4 Orc fighter – double move toward heroes
8 Orc fighter – double move toward heroes
2 Orc fighter - double Move also engages Thorvald they don’t fight this phase
5 Orc fighter -double move toward heroes
3 Orc Archer has clear shot at Sigurd at 22” he fires  (14,5) Sigurds +4 vs the Orcs +2  18 to 7 the Orcs arrow goes far over head

Randomly rolling on remaining creatures

Wolf (east) double move toward heroes
Wolf (west) double move toward heroes
Terror Wing double move toward heroes (flying, landing with a Boom!)


Sigurd moves and engages the Wolf (east) and slays it easily (17,12)  21 vs Armor 10 Wolf health is 6…

Calistra moves into Orc 8 to challenge him in Single Combat (18,1) we are on a roll…she tooo cuts the Orc down with ease

Gord (carrying the Decanter Charges and Orc 7 to pull him off Thorvald, they fight even dice at +2 each..
(20,7) Ridiculous! This wont continue I am sure…Gord and his trusty dagger kill Orc 1, even at -1 Damage more then enough against 10 health with the Critical

Gord with the first critical of the game...Orc 1 bites the dust

Olenandra, casts her heal spell on Blackwulf bringing him to his full 20 health.he will need it (he started the game wounded post Library)



 Place a wolf in front of a Random exit, I roll the left exit….another Wolf Joins the party
new Wolf, W3

end of T1



Blackwulf activates Gord and Thorvald for the Ranger Phase

Gord sprints off with Decanter toward the left (west) exit..his 7 inch move x 2 put him into base contact with the Wolf that just arrived…if luck continues here he can easily escape next turn!

Thorvald drops the big hammer on Orc 2, they Fight +4 vs +2  (14,20) Ooff turn about is fair play… Thorvald suffers a feint from the crafty orc and is gutted..he loses 22 to 18..Thorvalds 11 armor means he take 11 damage to his 13 health ..he’s still in the fight with a 2 health!

Blackwulf engages the other Wolf (14,3) and winning 18 to 4, the 8 damage kills it quick


6 Orcs at Full Health go first they Orcs 3, 7, 2,4,5, 6..they fight

Orc 4- closet target is Thorvald..he now fights in a 2 vs 1  Orc 4 is is +4 as Orc 2 is support its and even fight against our wounded Champion (12,5)  Thorvald wins 16 to 9, since it’s a two handed weapon that’s an 18 for damage purposes the Orc takes 7 damage…

Red dice are damage taken here Thorvald has 11 damage on him

Orc Archer the rules dictate that he would shoot here but considering the combat with Gord and Wolf is 1 inch away he get pulled in…Orc attacks Gord the Orc is +3 due to support vs Gords + 2 (15,14) at tie at 17! Oof  Gord takes 7 damage the Orc 6 damage..

Orc 2 attacks Thorvald trying to finish him he get +2 for support making it even roll with both combatants at +4 (5,17) ughh and with That Thorvald falls hard…going OoA,,,,10 damage

The tank of the last several scenarios finally meet his match..

Orc 6 charges Blackwulf as he closer than Sigurd and gets what coming to him as Blackwulf finishes him in  one move (17,15) 21 -11 armor exactly the 10 damage he needs to finish him.

Orc Archer 7 Shoots at Calistra (5,4) miss

Orc 5  engages Calistra (18,20) no crits for bad guys..Calistras +4 make it 22 to 22 tie….the Orc is wasted But Calistra takes a whopping 10 damage in the process.

Wolf at exit attacks Gord it has support of Archer so + 3 vs Gords +2  (20,11)  !!!!! Gord on fire second crit in 2 turns….he slays the wolf easily but is engaged still with the Archer..

Terror Wing . slams into Blackwulf they fight…+4 vs +5  (15,11)  Blackwulf wins 19 to 16 but the TW’s high armor keeps it alive for another round with 1 health remaining!!!

Terror Wing goes after Blackwulf and almost gets him.


Sigurd has a big decision..engage the TW or not he would have to make a will test against its “Horrific” trait but instead I choose to send him around combat carefully toward
The West exit and Gord in case Gord falls Sigurd can grab the decanter!

the door piece there is too be honest with movement and much Sigurd could stay 1 inch away from the TW while moving past him. we also Calistra here after eating 10 damage on her own killing blow with a TIE

Skuti puts and arrow into the wounded Orc 4 (9,11) loses 12 to 13….a miss…

Oleandra…not much I can have her do other than risk her to moving into combat with some of the Orcs..
And she’d ended engaged to both…I have her move to Calistra and use the Heal spell from the Spellbook she is carrying bringing Calistra up to 7 health

(here it looks like of forgot to move Calistra after the heal , pause for recovery....I guess)


If the terror wing is on the table, make a +5 elemental magic attack against a random hero. If the terror wing has been killed, ignore this card.

Blackwulf (3,13)  +5 Blackwulf loses to an 18 and takes 7 points of Magic Damage

“a lightning bolt blasts from the sky hitting Blackwulf as hes locked in mortal combat with the Terror Wing”



Blackwulf activates Gord and Calistra in the Ranger Phase

Blackwulf attempts to finish the Terror Wing, He Attacks (19,20) ughhh!  Blackwulf loses 23 to 25 BUT he can finally used his “Deadly Strike” ability making that 19 a “Critical 20” so he automatically wins and the Terror Wing is cut down..The first time in 12 games he got to do that and it came at a good time..without it , he’d have been OoA…St Emilia is pleased.
"Deadly Strike" wins the day here

A wounded Gord Battles the Orc Archer at the West Exit…(13,12) at +2 vs +1 Gord wins 15 to 13 the Orcs armor is 11 so its 3 damage due to the -1 dam for his Dagger..the Orc fights on with 1 Health left

Calistra makes a double move to engage the pair of remaining Orc fighters, She engages Orc 4 but Orc 2 will snap in.unfortunately this takes 2 actions so she wont fight this round

4 Orcs left…Orc 2 and 7 are full health so go first
Orc 7 fires a shot at Oleandra the closest target (15,14) unfortunately Oleandra is +0 so shes hit 16,15 as the Orc Archers skill is +2 ..she takes 6 damage
Orc 2 attacks Calistra, (4,19) Calistra loses 21 to 8 she takes 9 damage which despite the heal , puts her OUT OF ACTION

Orc 4 attacks Blackwulf (9,16) and he gets the better of Blackwulf exhausted from fighting the Terror Wing, 13 to 19…Blackwulf take 8 damage, looking dicey for our hero
Orc Archer 3 attacks Gord trying to finish him (5,3)  the combat is a draw the fight continues


Skuti take a long shot at Orc Archer 7 (15,1)  hitting with a 17….but with 6 damage to its health it can keep shooting
Sigurd takes a double move and engage Orc Archer 3 fighting with Gord, hopefully this support with end it
Oleandra rushes into combat with Blackwulf with his support its even dice( 15,8) and she gets her 1st kill and some payback for the fallen at the convent the Orc takes 6 damage more than enough against its 3 health.

If the terror wing is on the table, every hero must immediately make a Will Roll
(TN12) or lose its next activation. If the terror wing has been killed, ignore this




Blackwulf activates Sigurd and Skuti in the Ranger Phase

Sigurd attacks Orc Archer 3 with Gords Support he’s +6 vs + 1 (10,14)  Whew barely Sigurd wins 16 to 15..4 damage is more than enough to put the archer down

Sigurd finished the job

Skuti puts an Arrow into Orc 2, (17,7)  nice he wins 20 to 9 but the Orcs 11 armor keeps him alive with one point.

Blackwulf , not wanting to risk melee, Fires an arrow himself at the Orc even dice with +2’s (10,12) a miss we will use Hand of Fate ability here and reroll (16) boom..the Orc falls dead.


Orc Archer 7 fires an arrow at the closest target which is Oleandra (11,7)  it misses


Gord double times out of the west exit into the wood with the Decanter MISSION COMPLETED
Now the rest must get out alive

Oleandra moves to the OaA Calistra and helps move her toward the exit..

The wind picks up and a heavy rain starts to fall. All shooting attacks are at -2
for the rest of the scenario



Blackwulf activates Sigurd and Skuti

Blackwulf fires and arrow and remaining Orc Archer 7 now -2 to hit (6,18) miss
Skuti follows his lead (20,19) even with the penalty there is its..21 to 20 but a critical for Skuti! The Last Orc Falls dead..a quite fall over the convent and the scenario ends.

Skuti coming thru in the end as usual......

The group quickly gathers its fallen and heads out the west exit following Gord and the Decanter.

Quick Medical attention is given to Thorvald and Calistra in a clearing as soon as the convet fades from sight.

Survival Checks

Thorvald   Rolling -5   Roll (10)  =5  Badly Wounded
Calistra Rolling at – 3  Roll  (11) = 8 Close Call , again
Enough where they can limp out of the shadow deep and back to the safety of Tor Varden

Having escaped the convent with your prize,you spent the next week dodging search parties
and moving as quickly as possible towards home. Thankfully, it felt as though the saint
herself was watching over you. Less than a week later, you made it back to the shattered
stairs. The long ascent was agonizing, as you pushed your battered and bruised body up that
last stretch, but, finally, you broke through the black clouds and breathed the fresh air again.
A few days later, you reported back to your captains and turned over the Decanter. That
night, a small celebration was held in the camp in your honour. The Decanter would be
sent back to Tallis, to one of the great hospitals there, where it would prove a blessed relief
to many sufferers. Having such a powerful artefact is sure to aid in the fight against the
Shadow Deep. Gain 150XP. Each of your companions gains 2 Progression Points. Your
mission ends here.

Experience  Blackwulf gets a boatload of exp here
150 returning decanter
59 enemies killed
15  Oleandra returning alive
10 return of Navigation Book from Library

234 exp total and he missed a few along the way including thins we used or lost… that puts him at 1084 And level 8 and close to level 9, at level 8 he gets and new ability and he takes Powerful Blow
Something I should taken from the start (note take abilities that don’t rely on die rolls 1st!)

As for companion they all get 2 plus the the standard 2 for surviving although Thorvald and Calistra get 3 each..
This levels Skuti and Gord with +4 Skill bumps…Skuti will take +4 Survival as since Guthrum died we need another Hero with Survival and Gord will take +4 to his climb which I hope is useful in later adventures…Calistra picks up a +1 health

That’s it for Burning Light we played 6 of 9 possible scenarios here making our total 14 Scenarios into Ranger Blackwulfs saga, as previously mention I’ll be back Blood Moon later this spring , Rangers will be on brief hiatus for some build, painting time and new interests!



daveb said...

Great final ending! Thanks so much for doing these AARs for the campaign.

Peter D said...

I love reading these, thanks for putting them up with so much detail and clear photos.

Wouter said...

What an ending, a worthy conclusion for the campaign.
Great report mate!


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