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Fallout Wasteland Warfare - Mission 3: The Water Treatment Plant

The following is a play-through of tutorial mission 3 from the FWW campaign book, it incorporates  the previous sections of the rulebook discussed in the two earlier play-throughs but adds interesting scenario mechanics and the use of drugs. You’ll also note if you are familiar with the scenario I am allowing several of the recurring characters to retain one item gained in the previous mission.

Who can forget in Fallout 4, heading over to the Weston water treatment plant on behalf of the robots at Graygarden and being woefully under prepared for what awaits, this mission I think pays homage to that minus, the army of Mirelurks..LOL.

Scenario-  After the events at Fort Davis, Nora was resigned to the fact that Hobbs and Silver were dead and in the Super Mutant Meat Bags, much to her Surprise when a week later both return to the settlement , wounded but alive with the Super Mutants , enslaved tech, Albert in tow.  Apparently the Mutants got sloppy and Albert made a run for it freeing Silver and Hobbs from their cages in time to slide away into the night.. .
Lack of Water is major concern at the Settlement and the timing could not be better,  the plan has been to reactivate the generators at the old Water Treatment  Plant and pump the water into the nearby settlement’s reservoir . With Albert and the others returning they now have the manpower to try this, although it means returning deep into the Super Mutant Territory.  Boss Ram of the Super Mutants is outraged at the escape of Albert and his food supply, He personally leads a party tracking the escaped prisoners in a effort to recapture them.


Survivors- Pump 30,000 galllons of water
Super Mutants – Capture 4 models, or after 6 rounds the Survivors have not pumped the 30,000 gallons. 
Note: Recapturing Albert counts as “2” Models toward a Super Mutant Victory.

Super Mutants begin the game with the Advantage Marker. And again AI Cards with dictate the Super Mutants actions..


Nora,  Sole Survivor, Day One - 10mm Pistol, Jet , Baseball Bat
Silver , Settler- Assault Rifle
Hobbs , Settler- Assault Rifle-   Nuka Cherry. (shared whomever needs it 1st)
Dogmeat , Dogbite  .
Albert- Enslaved Tech, Combat Shotgun, Sturdy Leather Armor

Boss Ram-   Brute with Sledgehammer, Nuka Cola and Psycho
Hound- Mutant Hound with Hound Bite
Viktor (Aviator)  - Bolt Action Pipe Rifle, Board,  Mentats
Hammer-  Bolt Action Pipe Rifle, Board,  Laser Pistol- Blood Pack (shared whomever needs it 1st)




#1 Boss Ram
#2 Hammer
#3  Viktor
#4 The Hound




AI chooses Hammer to Act First ,his AI roll is…single bottle or Recklessly  pursue the Objective, which in this case is get the “meat back in the meat bag!” the roll also dictates he will use melee combat. 
Hammer  moves twice ,  the middle of his second move he meets ladder  this isn’t a difficult as a free climb (so no agility test) but it IS  difficult terrain so Hammer continues a short way up the ladder  ending  half way up the ladder toward reaching Hobbs!


Hobbs is readied, Hobbs has no interest into returning to Super Mutant captivity he moves away from the Pump station as his first action until he has a clear shot at Hammer with his Assault Rifle.

For his second action he opens fire. He rolls (  7 , -1, bonus damage x 2, ) the 7 to hit becomes a 6 thanks to the -1 which is exactly what he needs., Hammer is looking at 4 Damage! His Armor can only block 1, we make an Armor Check and he rolls a ‘1”  - Hammer takes 3 damage…



AI  Chooses Viktor to act next… his AI roll is an explosion, which mean he will Carefully Attack at Range. Viktor make a single to nearby cover and fire at Dogmeat , While both Dogmeat and Nora are in range they are elevated (significant edge cover) so Dogmeat being in Short Range he gets a better chance to hit.  Viktor fire his Bolt Action Pipe Rifle at Dogmeat Rolls (3, Armor Break and Bottle) …, Viktor needed a 4 but with -1 cover he needed a 3, so he just hits…the Armor Break wipes Dogmeats , Survivor faction Bonus Armor. And its now 2 damage from the rifle vs 2 armor for dogmeat…dogmeats armor check is a 1 so he blocks 1 damage and takes a wound..ARFFF..


Nora is readied I have Nora go next, while we have to start pumping water, I’ll have the next 2  do that..Nora has some Jet,  funny I never have my characters use Jet in the video game, but here it make no sense not to take it turn 3 then roll for addiction at the end of the game

Here there is no reason for Nora not to light Viktor up with her 10mm Pistol
He does, however have cover so Nora is looking for a “4”  she misses but picks up a prepared action (x, cog) , the Rolls is a (7) a miss on her second shot.


AI Chooses Boss Ram next, his AI roll is a double bottle or "Carefully" go for Objective in melee,  He makes a single move as his 1st action ,he can see the enslaved tech inside the pump station , He also sees he get the going thru dogmeat who's in his charge range.  Boss Ram, lets out a BATTLE CRY and Charges Dogmeat.
Boss Rams battle cry test is a “6” pass needs less that 8, Dogmeats is a 5 and rolls a 7 so he fails
Dogmeat is facing a ton of dice here Rams get Black bonus for his Strength a Green bonus for the charge and another black and green for the battle the two standard yellows… he rolls (2, -1,-2, 2 bonus damage , 2 armor break.)Ouch!!  Dogmeat takes the 4 full damage and has a single health point remaining.


Despite Dogmeats  predicament ,its time to pump some water.  The Enslaved Tech is readied  goes to make a computer check and send some water to our settlement he needs an “8” or less,  roll (8) Success  , on the nose  6000, gallons is pumped,  We make second test for extra 1000 gallons he rolls a (cog) fails but picks up a prepared action.



Only the Mutant Hound remains,  AI roll is a bottle and star (count as bottle)  which is recklessly attack (melee) interestingly enough I haven’t used mutant hounds yet and look pretty useful they can charge with LoS and the can leap (climb) as long as they don’t stop mid climb,  I have the Hound leap into the Pump station over the railing, since he has tons of room we can also call it a charge, the Enslave Tech’s prepared action gives him a change to unload his Combat Shotgun as the Hound leaps thru the window, He shoots (X, miss) but misses.  the hound picks up a black dice from the charge for the next rounds Close Combat


Silver is readied. I can have her pump additional water at 1000 gallons per try or try to take down the wounded super mutant Hammer climbing the ladder
We go with the latter , she has to move as her first action to get a clean shot, on second action she shoots but rolls (10) so its miss..

Dogmeat is readied, locked in combat with Boss Ram fighting for his life he gives it his all he rolls (Cog) so he picks up an action point,  Dogmeat can move on a action point not just prepare an action so I am going to try to have get the heck out of there.. Boss Ram gets a free swing,  rolls (7, -1, armor break and blank) damn that armor break seals the deal,  as while Dogmeat has 1 health he has 2 armor so he could potentially block both damage here but the Sledge does 2 damage and he could only block one due to the armor break, dogmeat goes down and goes into the meatbag!
Boss Ram bellows (  I  can’t resist )  “looks like meats back on the menu boys!!’
Dogmeat did get a chance to do much this game.



WATER PUMPED 6000 gallons

Scene end of round 1


Sides are tied so the Survivors have the advantage.



Strategy: lots of choices here, lets take a moment to look at the Survivors options

1.       Nora has a prepared action, prepared actions carry over turns but are removed when a model activates
So the in the chance that Boss Ram activates before I have to activate her , I want to get that extra shot off at him, because we are going to need it

2.       Enslaved Tech- with 3 health at his full his full and a  3 Melee stat, we don’t want him in Close combat with the mutant hound…with his Sturdy Leather Armor and armor boost..he  islikely survive the 1st round of melee, even with the extra charge dice.  Alberts best option is break away, risk the free attack and jump out pump tower and run  to a generator.  Jumping out the window isn’t a huge problem  while the jump is a yellow height meaning I roll a black die and +2 the damage is  potentially 2-4 for Falling…Jumping is resolved as one less so it Orange or just a black die..still he could take 2 damage worse case.
3.       Hobbs and Silver- Hammer is a half health..they can probably kill him if the can both go before he does.

I decide to risk #2, and get the enslaved tech out of there

Albert post jump from the Towers second floor, if there was an MVP its surely him., might have to plan a rescue mission.

Albert withdraws from combat with the Mutant hound facing at free strike,   Roll ,(6, bonus damage x 2, Black, Bottle)
Ok pretty bad the hound needs a 6 so it’s a hit and it’s a total of 4 damage, with armor boost Albert does have 4 armor
I make and armor check roll (4)  and holy cow he saves all 4 points of damage…lucky man…(thanks and good bye armor boost token) 

Albert now jumps out the window I roll a black die (1 damage)  His Armor is now a 3 I roll an armor check (2)  again his armor saves him, Albert survives unscathed

His second action he moves toward the white generator but just cant reach it


AI Chooses #1  Boss Ram  , AI roll is double bottle, or carefully pursue the objective .
Interestingly enough Ram is set up perfectly to charge Nora battle cry and all, but with her prepared action I could have Jump away as well as shoot, Ram would sure realize this plus he can see Albert escape the hound..

I have Boss Ram turn around and pursue Albert, he is the main objective , after all.

Nora will use her prepared action to fire a shot off the Brute.  Roll (3.-1 , blank)  Nora hits with a 2, Boss Ram has 2 armor
Vs the 2 damage, and his Armor check is a “2” so he takes no damage!  Argh

Boss Ram moves twice getting very close to Albert.



Hobbs takes a shot at Hammer coming up the ladder with his assault rifle.  Roll (7, -2, Blank )  a hit with a 5 for potential 2 damage. Hammer armor is 1, and he rolls a 1 so he take 1 more damage he’s up to 4,

For Hobbs second action it’s a gamble, move away or try to finish him, I have Hobbs unload his AR again
Roll (4, -2, Armor Break) this time he gets lucky with the Armor break. Hammer will take the full 2 damage and falls to the ground , Out of Action.  That’s one for the good guys
Hammer was an Assault Rifle sponge.


AI chooses #4 Mutant Hound next, AI Roll is double bottle or reckless attack, it cant reach Albert due to terrain and Ram being in the way , plus is faces and damage taking jump,  path of least resistance is nearby Nora who with a leap and charge is contact with her getting an extra green die from the charge next attack.



Silver is readied, she’s going to move and try to pump water she moves back to the terminal and makes a computer check  shes needs a 4 and rolls (a critical)  succeeding on pumping another 6000 gallons.


Viktor remains for team Super Mutant, AI Roll is Reckless Objective
Some common sense comes into play here,  I have Viktor first action go retrieve an item he does
And he gets lucy with Supermutant  Heavy Gauntlets,
he then returns to cover to await the Hound vs Nora fight As if he she jumps to escape or loses, and Ram most like captures Albert . it a victory for the Super Mutants
Nothing to do?  grab some items, the chance to do so is limited in this scenario despite the amount there are



Nora is readied, in combat with the mutant hound, she has a baseball bat, but it still seems like a better deal to shoot her 10mm pistol in close combat -roll (critical, extra damage , -3)  nice hit for potential 3 damage,  Hound gets a bonus armor since shes shooting in CC.  making it armor 2, armor check is a  2 so it only takes a wound, second shot is a miss


WATER PUMPED 6000 gallons,  12000 total.


SUPERMUTANTS have 3 and gain the Advantage.


AI chooses # 4 The Hound, which proceeds to attack Nora  roll ( Crit, 2 armor break, double bottle, single bottle, blank) Its hits with a double armor break, Nora’s armor is 4 which reduced to 2, her armor check is a “2” she saves the 2 damage

The Hound attacks again  roll (Crit (again! Come on!)  2 armor breaks and an explosion, same this and again Nora rolls a 2 so she save both damage BUT the explosion means she now has an injured arm and all skills are -2 including shooting!!


Albert the enslaved tech has on chance here, he moves the Generator and fires it up. Albert needs a 8 or less.
Roll (7)  luck has it again The generator will now pump 5000 gallons a turn on its own and the Super Mutants Are not smart enough to know how to shut it down.



AI chooses #1 . Boss Ram who immediately charges Albert with his Battle Cry that Albert has no defense against.
Ram rolls  2 yellow, 3 black ( 1 strength 1 charge, 1 battle cry) and 1 green (battle cry)
He rolls and its beyond brutal   to Hit 1, green -2 (thanks not needed)  3 armor breaks from the yellow, and 3 Bonus damage from the black!!!!  Alberts  3 armor is negated he takes 5 full damage against his 3 health..and is back in the bag!   One more kill and the mutants win!
just brutal, 5 damage in one go doesnt happen too much...


Nora is readied,  Nora uses her Jet.

Nora’s first move it too withdraw by Jumping off the walkway, again an Orange height fall one potential damage from the black die

The Hound gets a free strike , Hits again..but Nora again saves roll (3) both damage with her armor,  she also does take a damage from the black die on the jump but again Rolls(1)  shaking it off she then moves to get line of sight on the hound and gets a prepared action from the Jet ( if she was heroic jet would be great as she could shoot away with the extra AP) as it stands all she can do is single prepare.



Viktor remains AI Roll says  Bottle or recklessly pursue objective in melee, Just what Viktor wants to do with his new heavy gauntlets (+2 energy damage)  unfortunately after his 1st action his potential charge is just short so he has to make a regular move,  this movement triggers Nora prepared action and she fires  roll (2, -1, Bonus Damage)  a hit for up to 3 damage Viktor has 1 armor and rolls a 1 so stops 1 point and takes 2 damage from Nora


Silver is readied , From her spot at the terminal  Silver has a clear line of sight on  The Mutant Hound and Viktor
She fires her assault rifle at long range , at the Hound first  roll (crit, extra damage)   Hound has 1 armor and makes the save rolling a 1 so it takes 2 damage , She fires again but misses
Hound is just off the north edge of the photo , its still on the walkway near pump control 3 at this point.

Hobbs is readied, he cant move anywhere and get shot off, the massive water tank is blocking his LoS, he can see Boss Ram but he’s outside Assault Rifle range. Since we’ve already pumped I have him move twice over by Silver so we can maximize firepower next turn.


WATER PUMPED 5000 gallons,  17000 total.
WATER LOST  Enslaved Tech Not inside Pump area at start of turn – 2000 gallons
WATER NET  15,000
SURVIVORS CAPTURED , 3, Dogmeat. Albert, (Enslaved tech , counts as 2)


Sides are tied at 3 , so the Survivors are in luck and gain the Advantage.



Strategy- Thanks to Albert the Generators will pump 15000 galllons of water automatically over the next 3 turns. Thu we do lose some without  him,  all the Survivors need to do is stay alive.

Nora is readied,  Jet is still kicking, Nora fires 2 shots at Viktor, the first misses, roll (8)  the second is Roll (crit, -1, bonus damage) for up to damage, Viktor fails his save and takes all 3, he’s down to 1 health.

Nora withdrawing after filling Viktor full of lead.,  Chems for the win here.

 Nora gets 2 extra moves thanks to the Jet and maneuvers over 2 piece of difficult terrain to put distance between herself and the Mutants.


The AI unwisely chooses #1, Boss Ram to go first.  Ram is far away from the action and makes his toward it moving twice
He cant end a move touching a searchable marker and picks up some Iguana Bits on his way.



Silver is readied,  She fires her Assault Rifle hoping to put down Viktor, roll (3, armor break) and she does  Viktor loses his chance to make an armor save with the Armor Break and takes  2 damage, Viktor is OoA.

Silver fires  her second shot at the Hound and misses , roll (8)


It the Hounds turn, the Supertmutants are down to Boss Ram and his pet.
AI roll is double bottle which of course mean recklessly attack, and the target is of course the wounded Nora.
The Hound leaps off the walk way it still incurs a black die as potential damage, roll ( 1 damage) it lands badly and is hurt its fails its armor save taking its 4th wound…it then even across the difficult terrain has enough room to charge Nora
It does picking up an extra Green die from the charge.



Hobbs is readied, Hobbs too leaps down from the walkway.  He get the lone black die and too rolls (1 damage) his armor boost is yet used, so he has 2 armor, his armor check is (1) so he saves the damage

His second action he shoots his assault rifle at the Hound, this risks hitting Nora but if he hits he will kill the hound and wont kill her, so its risk he’s willing to take  roll (x,cog, 2 armor breaks)  He misses but does get a prepared action moving into the next turn.


WATER PUMPED  5000 gallons, 20000 gallons total.
WATER LOSS- Zero , Generator  pumped Water
SURVIVORS CAPTURED , 3, Dogmeat. Albert, (Enslaved tech , counts as 2)
SUPERMUTANTS  OoA, 2 –Hammer, Viktor


Supermutants are down to 2 units, the gain the advantage marker


AI again chooses # 1 Boss Ram,  Ram keep making his way toward the action hitting another searchable marker on the way,  Oops it’s a Danger Card….turns out to be an electric shock, Ram takes a point of damage with no save, but picks up a Stimpak in the process , he’s now close enough he can probably get into the action next turn,


Nora is readied , she breaks away from the Hound taking the Free Strike..the Hound uses his charge dice..
Roll (crit,  2x Armor break, 2 x Bottle)  bottles don’t mean much here but the double armor break means Nora needs a 1 on the Armor check die and she rolls (1) …she does it again but this time she takes 1 damage

She open fires on the hound  Roll (5, -1, -1) the resulting “3” is just what she needs,  The hound can only block one damage , with one health left is goes OoA. Good job Nora.

Nora's last round of Jet here, she passed the addiction roll, and ended the turn with a prepared action, I just forgot to mark it.

Silver is readied, Silver going to try to pump an extra 6000 this turn and win it for the Survivors.
Roll she rolls (4) just what she needs success!..
For he second action she moves to walk way to be ready to shoot next turn.

Hobbs is readied, giving up his prepared action from last turn Hobbs moves to  a close searchable finds a Chain Dog Collar and moves to cover for the last round.

WATER PUMPED 11,000 gallons,  31000 gallons total.
WATER LOSS, Enslaved Tech captured – 2000 gallons
WATER NET, 29,000 gallons
SURVIVORS CAPTURED , 3, Dogmeat. Albert, (Enslaved tech , counts as 2)
SUPERMUTANTS  OoA, 2 –Hammer, Viktor


Supermutants are down to Boss Ram  so he gains the advantage marker


AI roll is a single bottle or Carefully Pursue the objective, not much chance of that now, I have Ram hit the pyscho
Make a double move ending on searchable token, which is blank. Thanks to the Psycho Ram gets 3 armor boosts this round.


Sliver is readied, Silver move as first action to get into short range with her Assault Rifle and then shoots at Boss Ram, she misses
Game end...Ram probably would have won if we went another turn and he could have got into it with say, Hobbs

Hobbs is readied  fires from cover at the corner of the building his first shot misses but on the second shot he  rolls (crit, -2)  Ram’s looking at 2 damage and has 3 armor , he rolls a 1, blocking a single point…Ram has 2 wounds.
Nora is readied,  She moves to a nearby searchable marker  finding a .44 Revolver and done

WATER PUMPED 5000 gallons,  36000 gallons total.
WATER LOSS, zero all Generator pumpeds
WATER NET, 34,000 gallons
SURVIVORS CAPTURED , 3, Dogmeat. Albert, (Enslaved tech , counts as 2)
SUPERMUTANTS  OoA, 2 –Hammer, Viktor

SURVIVOR VICTORY – The Water pumped will make life easier until the next rains, unconscious and wounded  Dogmeat was recovered
34,000 gallons of water pumped
Items recovered  .44 Revolver, Chain Dog Collar

SUPERMUTANT LOSS- Albert has been recaptured, Boss Ram is happy but Humans must pay the price this area is under Ram’s Authority
Items Recovered : Heavy Gauntlets, Iguana bits, Stimpak

A nice comeback for the Survivors hanging in there and not giving up getting another membered captured. Albert absolutely won the game by getting that generating going before getting recaptured.
The AI (well,  luck of the dice really ) did the Super Mutants no favors having Boss Ram go first on two of those turns where the advantage of going in the 1st turn of the Round ,really could have helped the Super Mutants,  Viktor could have used the Blood Pack, for example if he just got the chance , the Mutants do recover some nice items thou.

Next up……The Lost Journal


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