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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission: Bloodmoon. Part 1

With the preliminaries out of the way with the last post, lets get right to it…

Blackwulf’s Report- “Several weeks since our return from the Shadow Deep , and the Convent of St Emilia,  we’ve  rested and recuperated  here at Tor Varden .  I’ve dismissed some of the company to go ahead and take up their own agendas, Thorvald is helping our old friend Leofric  
Train new recruits , while Xavos and Oleandra left some days ago  with the Knight Calistra  to return the recovered decanter to the King in the City of Tallis   This morning , I’ve  been given the simple task of delivering orders to  army unit camped on the northern end of the Shadow Deep.  I’m told the unit commander is in need of our services as well and will only discuss the issue in person.  The four of us head out in the morning , we must travel fast  and on foot to stay unnoticed  and if we travel well into the night we should be there in 3 days time.  The moon is full tonight, may it speed our way thru the darkness.

We’ve stumbled upon a group of auxiliaries, huddled  around a campfire.  They say they are all that’s left of a small garrison from the nearby Village of High Rock. They say a pair of Werewolves tore thru the Village and the killed the rest of the garrison. Outmatched they fled with a few survivors, who traveled on while they’ve waited here to see any others survived. There might still be other survivors; the beasts were last seen headed toward the Village Inn.  They’ve asked for our aid and that with our help we mount a counter attack and slay these beasts.  We are on a deadline but I have no choice but to honor this request, we move toward High Rock now.

Pre Game Notes:

Blackwulf is level 8 we are using the harder event deck for Levels 6-10 ,  Blackwulf has 125 recruitment points and can use .7 x for this mission companions with 87.5 RP he has plenty of room for his three comrades.  He also gets the 4 Auxiliary Companions who have led us to the Village.
Now the twist here is one of these 4 companions is also the second werewolf but we don’t know that nor do we know which as the game unfolds our actions, clues and die rolls will determine which of these 4 will go  Werewolf on us at a certain point. The event deck is 13 Cards
I playing the mission as written with the exception of the manor house becoming an Inn and increasing the difficulty where noted.

House  rules – Just the he standard “Russian Roulette” I use for this campaign . Russian Roulette  is just a negative modifier to survival roll post game should a character be knock out of action, that modifier is number of times the character has been knocked out of action in the entire campaign (Thorvald, not playing here is sitting on a big -5 meaning  his number is eventually going to come up should he keep adventuring) the players here are at worst -1 so I am not expecting a  death should someone fall here but you never know!

Ranger Sheet

Companion Sheet

Auxiliary Companion Sheet and Backstories


“Following the lead of the four auxiliaries, you move quietly over the rocky hill, and look down upon the dark village and looming two story Inn. Everything is shadows and gloom. For a moment, nothing seems to stir, no wind, no life. Slowly, though, as you study the darkness, you see movement near the manor house and decide to investigate.”

Special Rules
This whole scenario takes place at night, and while the full moon is out, it is still dark. The maximum lineof sight for this scenario is 14”.Other Special rules will be discussed as they come up during play.
There is No Target point in this scenario.
No turn limit - The scenario continues until two werewolves have been killed, or all of the rangers and companions have been reduced to 0 Health. The game also ends immediately if only auxiliary companions remain on the table and the second werewolf has not been revealed.
and as always:
All die rolls are shown as (x) all combat rolls are (x,x) with the Heroes roll always being first.



Facing the large pond  and considering we have such a big group Blackwulf decides to break the team into two groups. Sigurd and Skuti will lead Covin and Nicolan while  he and Gord will take Seb and Orla.  There are to circle the pond and meet at the Inn door.  Auxillary Companions cannot activate in the Ranger Phase so Blackwulf activates Gord and Skuti

Gord-   heads for the Pond , it’s a nice night for a swim he thinks to himself as hes been on a forced march for the 2 days , the pond is deep water as he wades in., Gord first action is to move to the lake with move 7" he is in the water , the water is deep so he must make a swim check TN 5, with a -2 penalty for light Armor so TN 7 (roll 14) he swims to boat and climbs in as a free action,. And we roll for our first clue!

(Roll 18)  You find the body of a dog. Its jaws are filled with long red hairs. Increase Investigation
Score by 1 (Orla).

Skuti- moves once to scout toward the woods he sees nothing  and continues…after the second move he stops dead in his tracks as he sees the glistening teeth of a large wolf sneering at his from the woods!

Blackwulf moves 6 inches he spies movement in the pen outside the stable entrance a second look reveals it to be a Giant Fly he quick fires an Arrow (2,12) but it misses and hits the stable wall.

NO CREATURES MOVE TURN 1 (special rule)

Seb- Follows Blackwulf Holds
Orla Follows Blackwulf, sees same Giant Fly also fires an arrow (3,18) Miss.
Sigurd, Covin and Nicolan all double move to catch up with Skuti

A pair of swamp zombies crawl up out of the pond. If there are any heroic figures in
the pond, or in the boat, place both zombies in combat with a heroic figure. If there
are no heroic figures in the pond or boat, place the zombies adjacent to the pond at
the point closest to a heroic figure.
Gord: Uh Guys!!!!  Poor Gord…




Well that’s and interesting turn of events, Now we have to try to save Gord, Blackwulf activates Gord and Skuti once again .

Blackwulf- Hearing Gord’s yell he see the Zombies and turns and Fires an Arrow  its +2 vs +0 (8.19) darkness or luck has our hero failing badly.. Blackwulf then wades into the pond  because this is going to get into hand to hand ,because he crossing into water (aka rough ground_ he can’t quite reach combat

Skuti- has to move for clear shot.. he does and fires and arrow, he is +3 vs +0 (4,2) he hits but its but if fails to strike a vital area ( 7 wont come close to damaging the zombie  at armor 12)

Gord- takes his lucky dagger and sticks in the face of one of zombies, hes flanked so its  and even roll +2 vs +2 , lets hope his knife lives up to name..(20,13!!) and it does (funny how this routinely happens to this guy its some sort narrative effected dice karma)  a dagger is still -1 damage so 21 against 12 armor is 9  than a +5 for the critical hit..more that enough to put a Swamp Zombie down at 6 health

Gord – “Do I have to everything by myself.?”


Thing get real here as all creatures on the board outside the Inn, have line of sight on the heroes
4 Giant Flies, 3 Giant Rats, 1 Grim Wolves all activate this phase plus of course the Zombie in combat with Gord
So according to their health (Evil Creature Actions) the Activation order is:
Grim Wolf
Swamp Zombie
Giant Flies
Giant Rats

Grim Wolf- The Grim Wolf has a move of 8 , its 9” away from both Sigurd and Skuti, I flip and coin and its Sigurd who gets engaged..but the Wolf wont fight this phase.

Swamp Zombie attacks Gord..since Gord is in the boat he facing no penalties so +0 Zombie, +2 Gord (7,7) Gord wins no damage as the 9 wont effect Armor 12,  but he will push that Zombie 1 inch back freeing from the Combat!

Giant Flies-  The Flies join the fight zipping from the Pen in front of Stable and  using both actions to move toward the closest heros -Blackwulf, who’s swimming the pond and Gord in the Boat, the each are engaged by 2 flies….NOT GOOD,

Giant Rats – scurry out from underneath the wagon looking for food, they rush Skuti the nearest here 2 of the 3 can engage but none with fight this phase


Nicolan-  Quickly moves to the Grim Wolves flank and attacks…with SIgurd already in the Fight he is +5 , vs the Wolfs +3 (8,6) or 13 to 9 Nicolan Stikes a blow for 3 damage to the Wolf.

Covin, Joins the fray as well, and the Wolf is far more dangerous than the rats.. With Sigurd and Nicolan Supporting Covin is now +6 vs +3 (20,5)  an second Critical, Covin’s blade is true, the wolf outmatched takes a mighty 21 damage…
And it dies silently not even knowing the former Soldier hit it.

Sigurd now  free on engaged moves into one of the rats attacking Skuti he attacks at +4 to +0 (2,3) winning with a 6 he doesn’t kill it but he kicks it back and inch of himself and Skuti..

Orla decided to try to pick off the disengaged Swamp Zombie she moves 5 inches and Fires and Arrow its +2 vs +1 for the Zombie since she moved and it’s a hurried shot..(9,10) or 11, 11 tie in ranged combat that’s just miss.

Seb wades into the lake and peels one of the Giant Flies off of Blackwulf, he wildly swings his huge Axe +3 vs +0 (1,11) missing horribly he gets himself stung for 1 point of damage, Seb needs to make a disease check at TN8, but passes it easily with (10) +10 health for a 20.



Place a werewolf in Room B in the corner opposite the treasure token. If a werewolf
has already been placed due to a random event, place a grim wolf instead

So our First Werewolf is on the board Hes in the Inns Kitchen!, our players don’t not know this yet.

the first Werewolf shows arrives.



the brawl in the pond has so many things that could have went wrong with it.;.;.

Blackwulf in the middle of the swimming brawl in pond activates Gord and Skuti again this Phase

Blackwulf attacks the fly menacing him at +2 (-2 for deep water)  vs +0 (15,3)  cleaves it in two and attempts to move into the Zombie to keep it off Gord.he needs to make a swim check he +2 swimming but -2 for wearing light armor so its an even roll for a TN5 (4) OOF we cant have that happening Blackwulf starts choking water but I m going to go ahead use my Hand of Fate ability here to reroll this (6) whew he makes it..and moves 3 inches to engage the Zombie (im sure I will regret that later)

Gord- Swings his knife at the Fly, +2 vs +0 (5,17) he misses 7, 17 ouch he takes a stinger to the neck taking 7 damage!
He immediately makes a disease check TN8 and passes with a 9 +5…=14

Skuti-  pulls his knife and goes after the rat that’s on him +2 vs +0 (8,11) or 10,11, he loses and takes 1 point of damage!
Disease check (18) pass


Swamp Zombie attacks Blackwulf  +0 vs +2 (-2 deep water) (20.20!) wow that doesn’t happen often  and 4 20’s in 3 turns..not sure that’s a good thing, Anyway Blackwulf get his sword thru its face despite it best efforts to attack him
21 damage takes Zombies head clean off.

Fly attack Seb  +3 vs+0 (18,1) this time Seb splats it dead.

Fly attacks Gord +2 vs +0   (16,16) Gord dodges and win with a lethal blow for 12 damage…dead

Fly attacks Gord +2 vs +0  (13,12) winning again just enough to Kill it.. 9 damage. Dead

Rat attacks Skuti +2, vs +0 (4,11) Skuti cant catch abreak he takes another point of damage and another disease check.
3+9= 11  Pass.

Rat attacks Sigurd +4 vs +0 (18,9)  Sigurd crushes it under his boot after skewering it… dead

Rat attack Nicolan +3 vs +0 (12.15) tie at 15 , both characters take damage the rat bites Nico for 4 damage as he impales it for 9 damage,….dead he makes a disease check TN 8  (9 +8=17 pass)


Covin moves into engage the Rat attacking Skuti now at +4 with Skutis support +4 vs +0 (15,9)  that Rat is squished dead  13 damage.

Sigurd and Nicolan move toward the woods spying something a clue marker near middle edge
Sigurd engages the Clue marker

(roll 4) You discover a corpse that has been savagely mutilated. There is a scrap of clothing clutched in the corpse’s bloody hand. Increase Investigation Score by 2 (Seb). Make a Perception
Roll (TN6). If successful, the figure is now carrying a treasure token.

Sigurd perception (1) FAIL..dunce

Seb needs a Swim check to get out of the pond..TN5 (5) whew ,

He and Orla move just outside the stable to wait on the others,


RED 10

Choose one heroic figure to make an Armoury Roll (TN10). If successful, the figure
finds a silver-plated sword lying in the grass. This figure may use this weapon for
the rest of the scenario, even if it neither has the item space nor usually uses a handweapon.
At the end of the scenario, it may be given to any heroic figure that has item
spaces and could normally use such a weapon.

So both Sigurd and Nicolan have Armory +3, Ill go with Sigurd to redeem himself for not seeing the treasure token Roll (17)  nice that Silver Sword will go well with his +4 fight..



Blackwulf activates just Gord in the Ranger Phase.
Blackwulf is close enough to the boat he can get in as a free action, he then uses his first action to row the boat to shore and he second action to Cast HEAL on Gord bringing up to 10 Health .

Gords first action is to move toward the Stable and open the gate he then moves into the Stable and finds another Clue Marker.

Gord finds the Old Man

(roll 10) You find an old man, cowering under a blanket. Treat this old man as one of your
companions for the rest of the scenario. Use the stats for a civilian, but he only has a
Health of 8.

Now we are 9!


No active Creatures on the Board

Sigurd moves to investgate the Wagon full of Hay the Rats Scurried out from under..
Be on your guard Nicolan! He whispers  - Sigurd finds the final outside Clue Marker.
(roll 16) You discover a horribly mutilated corpse. However, some of marks don’t seem to have the
right number of claw marks. Increase Investigation Score by 2 (Covin).

Remaining Companions all make double moves toward the Inns front door.



The heroes hear a scream and suddenly see a young boy pop up from under the
wagon. Treat this figure as a companion for the rest of the scenario. The boy has the
stats of a civilian with a Health of 6.

Sigurd “blazes!, can you fight boy?  ( the boy pulls out a menacing looking stick hes holding and points at Sigurd.) Sigurd takes the stick and gives him his dagger..  now we are 10 strong!, bring on those wolves!

With outside threats seeming under control the heroes prepare to enter the Inn.

 End of Part 1......................................................



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