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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission: Bloodmoon, Part 2.

Following right up where we left off, The heroes are about to enter the Village Inn where the Werewolves were last seen by the Garrisons survivors as they fled to the woods.




Blackwulf ,  I only activates  here, Gord is still in the stables and the other main companions are too far away from the door.  Blackwulf makes a double move from the Boat to the Inn Door.



No active creatures are currently in play


Gord – moves from the stable to join the large crowd around the Inn door.

Nicolan – trys the door its locked, Pick TN10 OR Strength TN12, hes trys for force it (5) Fails

Seb – Move to the door and tries  to force it with Strength +3 (1) Fails

Covin – Joins the effort (12) The door opens is forced open!

Little Boy—double moves over to the Old Man

Old Man- Sits tight does not move.

Skuti- keeps his bow trained on the open door

Sigurd – moves twice entering the Inn and approached the 1st Interior Clue Marker

Orla – Follows Sigurd inside the Inn

Sigurd  examines what seems to  be a dead body in the middle of the floor.
Roll (12) You find a headless corpse, in the center of the room. From the tan lines on its fingers, you notice that it wore several rings that are missing. Increase Investigation Score by 1 (Nicolan). Make a Perception Roll (TN8). If successful, increase Investigation Score by 2 instead
Sigurd perception Check (18) 

Investigation Score now 7!



A bone-chilling howl echoes all around. All heroic figures must make a Will Roll
(TN12) or receive a maximum of one action next turn.

Blackwulf +4 (9) pass
Sigurd +2 (6) fail
Gord+ 1 (13) pass
Skuti+1 (12) pass
Seb+2 (10) pass
Orla +3 (1) fail
Nicolan +1 (12) pass
Covin+1  (12) pass
Old Man +0 (4) fail
Little Boy +0 (8) fail

Interesting only the fighters inside the Inn actually failed the roll, something ominous must be afoot



Blackwulf only self activates here, Gord and Skuti are going to stay near the main entrance and guard the survivors while the rest search the Inn

Blackwulf moves twice and examines and opens the door to the Inn’s private meeting room, finding nothing


Werewolf- Suddenly wicked growling is heard, the Kitchen door slams open and a Werewolf comes barreling out attacking Blackwulf!  it needs two actions to reach him so they wont fight yet


Sigurd-  immediate Engages the Werewolf, wielding the Silver Sword he just found,  He +4 Fight, +2 for the Sword and +2 for Blackwulf supporting +8 vs +4 (11,3) he strikes blow with winning with a 19 which becomes a 21 thanks to the Silver Swords +2 damage, The Werewolf with armor 12 takes 9 damage

Covin and Seb  move into the Inn and join the combat with his second action (no fight)

Nicolan enters the Inn and waits near Orla

Orla and the other all hold while the 4 fighters tackle the Werewolf.



A giant fly explodes out of the corpse of an animal nearby. Randomly select one
heroic figure. This figure should make a Move Roll (TN16). If successful, place the
giant fly anywhere up to 3” away from this figure. If the roll is failed, place the giant
fly in combat with the heroic figure.

I flip a coin and determine this happens outside, Gord is unlucky figure his move roll (15) +7 or 22
Put the fly 3 inches from him for the next turn



Werewolf Regenerates 2 Hp, Now  11 health..

Blackwulf activates Skuti and Sigurd in the Ranger Phase

Blackwulf attacks the Werewolf its 4 vs 1, he has huge +10 vs +4 bonus he attacks (18,5) ,  He doesn’t even need his deadly strike here as 28 to 9  is 16 damage and the Werewolf has 11, thanks to Sigurd last round,
Blackwulf takes it head clean off….

Sigurd – our investigator for this mission moves to the Inns Kitchen to examine the clues there

Roll (6) You find a living, but very scared, little girl hiding under a bed. Treat the girl as a companion for the rest of the scenario. She has the civilian stats, except she has a total Health of 6.

Sigurd seems to be collecting children! ,

Skuti, meanwhile outside shoots an arrow at the fly that just appeared  (3,16)  misses….


Giant Fly attacks Gord ,”ugh not again with these things!” +2 vs +0  (11,14) he loses by 1 and takes 4 damage..down to 6 health he makes the disease check..(14) pass…


Gord gets to attack the Giant fly again (2,9) he loses but doesn’t take any damage

Orla seeing Gord in distress leaves the Inn and aids him engaging the Fly, she attacks +3 with Gords support vs the fly at no bonus (3,15) ugh this fly is an SOB, Orla is stung taking 4 damage
Giant flies were quite the nusiance, but easier to deal with than grim wolves!

Old Man feeling the need to get involved and start smashing at the fly with book about werewolves hes carrying around muttering about (14,11) and of course he hits and kills it with 8 damage!
The Little Boy goes up and starts poking the dead fly,

The Little Girl moves for the Ktichen to the front of the Inn to  join the others

Covin , Nicolan and Seb all head up stairs each moving to a different room

Covin find a clue in the first room.

Roll (20!!) This room is covered in discarded clothes that have been torn out of a wardrobe. All of the clothes are covered in red hairs. Increase Investigation Score by 2 (Orla). Make a Read
Runes Roll (TN8). If successful, the figure spots a pair of boots with strange embroidered
runes. These are a pair of Boots of Soft Tread. They may be worn by the figure, if it has an
item slot available. Alternatively, they may be given to any ranger or companion after the

Covin read runes (2) argh,   INVESTIGATION SCORE now 9!!!

Nicolan finds an empty room with nothing of note

Seb enters the large room on the second floor and finds a clue!
Seb finds a Silver Dagger

Roll (15) A bloody hand print has been smeared down the wall, seemingly missing a finger or two. Increase Investigation Score by 3 (Covin). Make an Armoury Roll (TN6). If successful,
the figure finds a large silver dagger. The figure can use this dagger in place of its normal
weapons for the rest of the scenario, even if it has no item slots available, and doesn’t
normally use a dagger. After the scenario, it may be given to any figure that has an item slot
and can normally use a dagger.

Seb Armory (9) pass finds Silver Dagger

Covin turns into a Werewolf.


RED KING (of course it is!)

For a moment, the moon seems to turn a deep crimson colour. Next turn, all grim
wolves and werewolves receive +1 Fight.



I only activate Blackwulf in the ranger phase he is unaware of whats going on upstairs and decides to check the Inns storeroom

Werewolf Covin moves to attack Nicolan who is the Closet in the Next Room, Nicolan surprised starts screaming.
The beast attacks +5 vs +3 (9,8)    Nico loses by one but the Werewolf is +2 damage  for 16 total , Nicolan takes 5 damage
But he was already down 4 so he has 3 health left!


Seb, hearing the screams move into the next room and joins the combat, hes found a Silver Dagger and he will use it for the +2 fight making him +7 vs the Werewolfs +5 with Nicolans support..(17,6 ) oofff, well that will do it….

Seb back stabs the Wolf  for +2 damage with a total of 26!! – minus his 12 armor that 14 damage the Wolf lives with 4 and Keeps fighting

Sigurd – makes a double move upstairs but cant quite get into the fight…
Nicolan goes down hard and the hands of his friend and now werewolf, Covin, he's lucky to have survived.

The remain group is now outside the Inn waiting for orders.



A giant fly explodes out of the corpse of an animal nearby. Randomly select one
heroic figure. This figure should make a Move Roll (TN16). If successful, place the
giant fly anywhere up to 3” away from this figure. If the roll is failed, place the giant
fly in combat with the heroic figure.

Again with this this time its Orla and see fails the Move roll so shes engaged by another Giant Fly!!



Blackwulf activates both Gord and Skuti this phase

Gord engages Giant Fly on Oral  , with her support hes +4 vs +0 (9,3) he wins with a 13, enough to cut that fly in two with knife for 7 damage

Blackwulf runs upstairs after Sigurd and the commotion but quickly finds himself stuck behind him as Seb is blocking the door fighting.

Skuti- passes…


Werewolf Covin  regenerates up 6 health goes to finish Nicolan, the Werewolf is +4 vs Nico’s +5 since he has Seb’s support  the Werewolf has regenerated 2 health and is is now a health of 6, They Fight! (7,18) Bladed and Claws flash! 
Nicolan falls taking a brutal 12 damage he is thrown against the wall, (Lycanthopy Will Check TN 8 Roll- 8, pass)

Now the Werewolf is still engaged with Seb , however it has a second action, Since it is actually Covin, I say to myself "is this really an evil creature?" NO I decide, he just infected so  I am bypassing the Evil creatures always choose to stay in combat rule and I have Covin push Seb 1’inch away and use his second action to jump out the window onto the roof so it can regenerate and hopefully get himself a few more victims!


Seb is going to try to make follow The werewolf out on the roof he need to make a climb check (TN10) failure means he slides off the roof and takes falling damage  Seb goes for it at +0 (13) and makes it…he reengages the Werewolf on the roof, but it take both moves so he wont fight this phase

Sigurd- follows Seb out the broken window on to the roof  he makes the climb check and also rolls a 13, he cannot reach the Melee…

Remaining Companions are out front of the Inn, wondering whats going on looking for Giant Flies.



A bone-chilling howl echoes all around. All heroic figures must make a Will Roll
(TN14) or receive a maximum of one action next turn. Additionally, place a giant rat
adjacent to a random corner of the manor house

Blackwulf +4 (5) fail
Sigurd +2 (8) fail
Gord+ 1 (10) fail
Skuti+1 (7) fail
Seb+2 (2) fail
Orla +3 (9) fail
Nicolan OoA
Covin turned Werewolf
Old Man +0 (18) pass
Little Boy +0 (11) fail
Little Girl +0 (16) pass

Whoa everyone fails but the Old man and Little Girl



Blackwulf activates Sigurd and Skuti this phase

Blackwulf persues  the combat but with one action he only makes it to Nicolans unconscious body

Sigurd wants to join the combat but must make the Climb Check (5) he fails! Oof he slides off the roof , it s 4 inch fall so he just takes a straight  6 damage , Ouch!!

Skuti has one move he can hear the racket on the roof but can not see as it on the backside of the roof peak , he moves 6 inches to get a view  and is out of actions


Werewolf Covin is an expert climber so no climb checks for him, he also regenerates 2 health he is up to 8 He attacks Seb its  +4 vs +5 as Seb is wielding the Silver Dagger (11,11) Seb wins by 1,  the 16 becomes 18 thanks to Silver  its 6 damage the Wolf is alive with 2 health… he again pushes Seb off and moves to Climb off the Roof..

Giant Rat on main floor of Inn – moves toward Blackwulf can’t reach him

both these two ended up tumbling off the roof, trying to battle the Werewolf on the rooftop.

Seb tries to pursue the Werewolf, he makes his climb check (1) fails miserably and falls near Sigurd taking 6 damage ooof!

Orla moves toward the noise, get LoS on the Wolf but only has one action

Gord is now staring the Werewolf in the face, he gets his lucky knife out and throws at the Werewolf as its in range, hes only +1 vs the +4 (15,18) good roll but the wolf just brushes it aside..

The Civilans all run back into the Inn. (unaware there is a giant rat in there)



Place a werewolf in the corner of the barn opposite the clue marker. If a werewolf has
already been placed due to a random event, place a grim wolf instead

I place a Grim Wolf in the Barn



Blackwulf activates  Skuti and Sigurd

Skuti-  Fires and Arrow hoping to put the Werewolf down its has 2 health +3 vs +4  (8,12)  he misses , no luck shooting this game!
No luck with the archery for our archer this game..

Sigurd- gets to his feet and in a risky move re engages the Werewolf, he wont fight this phase

Blackwulf turns to head back downstairs at the Inn, to try to surprise the Wolf and runs right into that Giant Rat (16,6)
He squashes is at the top of the stairs..
Blackwulf, chasing his tail here, ends up fighting giant rats..


Werewolf Covin regenerates back up to 4 health, Sigurd is at 6 health, its +6 for Sigurd with the Silver Sword vs +4 for the Werewolf (7,5)  Sigurd Wins with a 13..+2 damage makes its 15 vs 12 armor that 3 damage!,..the Werewolf lives with 1 health…it just wont die..


Gord , says screw this and joins the fight its almost dead..he attacks with his dagger with Sigurds supports its even dice at +4 each (16,20) Arghh!! Gord eats it in face taking 14 damage he is very Out of Action.. (Lycanthopy Will check TN 8 Roll 13, pass) That’s 2 for the Werewolf..
Gord try to play the hero and took his second campaign Out of Action as a result, luckily he made a full recovery

Seb gets himself up he has taken 7 damage himself he rushes to the melee hoping to get the killing blow on the Werewolf with the Silver Dagger and Support from Sigurd he is +7 vs +4  (16,15)  Finally! 
Seb gets the killing blow plunging the dagger into the skull of his old mate..for 13 damage..

(I should have had Seb go first but Gord wanted the glory….big mistake…)
Seb gets the final , killing blow


Survival Rolls

Gord (19) full recovery
Nicolan (15) full recovery

Treasure recovered

Silver Sword
Silver Dagger


5 giant rats, 2 swamp zombies, 6 giant flies, 1 grim wolf  x 2xp = 28
2 Werewolves  =20
Revealing Covin as the Werewolf = 20
2 auxillary companions and 3 civilians made it thru the scenario  =50

Total XP 108

Blackwulf total xp 1192  = goes to level 9, +5 to skills.

Progressions points

Sigurd 2 ..31 +4 to one skill. Its got to be Perception or Climb, not sure yet..
Skuti 2 – 32
Gord 1, -31

Orla 2,
Seb 2
Nicolan, 1


“With the werewolves slain and the remaining survivors rescued,  Blackwulf and his men move off into the night to finish their mission promising to send aid to help reinforce the village, friendships are made and Seb, Orla and Nicolan offer themselves as future companions. For now the Garrison must be rebuilt so the refugees return and Inn recover back to its former glory as a welcome area respite for travelers , Seb keeps his axe ready as his eyes are sharp as Grim Wolves still haunt the local woods.”

Pretty great 1st solo run thru for Bloodmoon,  started out a bit easy with so many characters, and the 1st werewolf going down so easily, then things went crazy at the end of Turn 7, a third werewolf or worse event draws with more Grim Wolves would make this a lot harder..looking forward to doing it again with  3 low level Rangers, that campaign will start up soon


Khusru said...

Great AAR. Very atmospheric. Pictures in black and white helped to invoke the nighttime feeling


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