Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adepticon 2011- Legends of the High Seas

Picking things up here from the last round of pictures, this Friday night at Adepticon 2011, my Legends of the High Seas event. I could not have asked for 8 better players to sign up, this thing was blast on numerous levels, from the Pirate hats, to the ton of different quality rums, to great variety of miniatures and fantastic paint jobs on all of them. I think this was definitely the highlight of weekend for most of us and It makes me look forward to the club campaign we are starting later this month and future LotHS events. I'll leave it there with some pictures from the event. Next Post, I'll pick things up Adepticon Saturday with my WFB coverage.

The Pirate Castle, for my "Raise the flag" scenario

Jungle Run- Interesting how others decided to play this, different from our test group
guys were literally battling it out, inside the Jolly boat on the beach!...LOL

This Mordheim table has made the rounds for various games at Adepticon for years now. I added The Dock cast the from Hirst molds and the tower and of course the Ship. and it became table Five, so we had a scenario we could swap in and out...Everyone want to play it thou. I'm going to build something similar with traditional buildings...sooner than later.

my use of a blind group mechanic or "space hulk" style blip system on the dungeon board has
gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Tavern Fight, this crew of all pirate wenches, demanded the fight take place outside the bar.


Tim Kulinski said...


Looks awesome, this is just making me more depressed that I could not make it to play and help out!

I showed the wife what I missed and here comment was "Your going next year!" She thought your boards looked great and she was proud to see the game I wrote being played!

So dude, I will be there next year and we WILL run this again!

Domus said...

Hey John - That addition looks awesome. That Mordheim table is my good friend Caius' and I've played both Mordheim and LotHS on it.

Can you send me some info on your dock and how you built it? Maybe some closeups?

All those tables look awesome. I'm inspired to get my pirates painted for next year and play this game @ Acon.

JPL said...

@ Tim,
Tim we of course missed you man, and "Where's Tim" came up more times than I can count..we will of course be talking soon about next year.

@ James
Yup I know that's Caius's and I owe him a big thank you, I'll be emailing him tonight for sure.
It would be awesome to reserve your Friday Night next year for some LotHS.

Anonymous said...

Really cool pics and reports John - thanks for the insight into Adepticon. I can really feel your disappointment with WHFB. I've pretty much made up my mind to let Warhammer go after 15+yrs. I'll keep the minis for something else, but its imbalances are frustrating.

Keep up the good work man.

littlemute said...

Ahh! Legends of the High Seas looks great but man nit has the same issue as LotOW-- you need more scenery than miniatures.

JPL said...

Yup- that's something you definitely need a passion for (scenery) if you want to invest heavily in these skirmish systems...
I spend roughly 25% of the time working on the miniatures and 75% building terrain and scenery, you need to enjoy that part of it for sure. (or least hang out with someone who does!)

Enrohk said...


It all looks great. Seeing this has renewed my interest in Pirates. I will certainly be picking up LotHS.
In case you or any one else is not aware Mega Blocks has released a new pirate line. The new pirate ship uses the old "Black Pearl" hull and is available for $45 to $50.


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