Friday, April 1, 2011

Adepticon- Day One- Live Pics

lets start out with some Crystal Brush entries. this piece on a motorized rotating base pretty much says it all, if you cant hang with big shouldn't bother. the best miniature painters in the world are here looking for 10K..

Cool Mini or Not booth..its pretty over the top in quality stuff, not cheap either.

My man Rich doing his Hirst Art Seminar

Some guys set up the mini painting service in the hall, really great stuff
I'll make sure to catch their name later

I played the ringer in the LotR Championships rounds 1 and 2, just a couple pics

Some of my WFB TT tourney partners Jeff's epic Daemons, I love them
almost makes me want to play my DoC, almost.

WFB Ballroom- Two tourneys going Simultaneously, I did some paint judging for the big brawl

Tons going on, too much to go into here, so I will try to update later. Aparently Forge World is giving themselves a bad rap again..sigh..going to try to pick up the new Empire model in abit, my event starts in about an hour.


Lord Azaghul said...

Thanks for the pics - keep 'em coming!


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