Friday, April 1, 2011

Adepticon 2011 - Day Zero

The Lombard, IL Westin. Home of the last three Adepticons

Ok, I just got back from 5-6 hours of setup and socializing at Adepticon Day Zero. What a difference a year makes. The vendor hall has doubled and all the ballrooms are now full. With 1500 + people its taken over the whole Hotel. Outside of Adepticon staff there were probably 300 people milling about tonight. In fact the pre-registration line was 3 lines, each about 30 deep around 7pm, in comparison, last year I just walked up and signed in, no wait. The Swag bag is pretty nice ($50 Warmachine box, anyone?) some other cool stuff. Tonight was mostly setting up for my Legends of the High Seas event, socializing, etc I'll try a follow up from the Hotel tomorrow. Just some quick pics of my stuff.. and a some nearby stuff I checked out.
Oh an its pretty much confirmed Adepticon is becoming a 4 day event next year
moving to thursday. With this many people here a day early it makes sense.

My pal Rich's Pirate Castle on my realm of battle, its going to be used for LotHS and probably some Malifaux

My 5th scenario for High Seas..basically my ship and dock with a bunch of Mordheim terrain

Brents', kit bashed Osgiliath of the new GW kits, on a Zuzzy as well, a Lord of the Rings table.

Some of Rich's Terrain in the Warmachine/ Malifaux ballroom.

Privateer Press Corporate is making a big showing with a bunch of high end custom boards
used for special scenarios for thier event's. Warmachine doesnt much interest me
but these guys know how to do it right..nice!

Again a PP board with a scratch built train...serious nice work here.
Ok off to bed, more tomorrow.


Tim Kulinski said...


Awesome pics man, keep them coming, it is almost like I am there...Oh who the hell am I kidding, it is nothing like being there! Look forward to your on going coverage man.

BaBuGames said...

Have fun and good luck!

BaBuGames said...

Have fun and good luck!


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