Monday, January 20, 2020

Fallout Wasteland Warfare- Mission 1: Troubled Beginnings

So here's my play through of Tutorial Mission 1 for Fallout Wasteland Warfare (FWW) .
I actually played it twice through with very similar results while fleshing out some rules questions. I’m still a bit dubious on prepared actions and their triggering and responses, but this play through seemed to flow nicely. Because of all the symbols, tokens and widgets it’s a tough game to explain without just directly quoting the rulebook in big chunks which I’m not going to do.

but for reference colors mentioned our either range increments or dice, Range Rulers from short to long , are Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Orange.  Dice beside the to hit die are Effect dice they are Green -Accuracy, Black- Damage, Yellow- Armor, Blue- Special effect..results are generally global ( so green accuracy die can improve your “to hit” but sometimes also break armor do extra damage, but the majority of the effect is tied the that color dies main effect.
I use the AI card system here for this mission as I am running solo games, I like AI a lot of variety but sometimes you just have to use common sense. This mission is recommend as you finish the first section of the Rulebook, so some things like “battlecry” (if your familiar with game) I just skipped over. This is big change is play style and likewise the battle reporting , I hope I can get this clearer as I get better adjusted to the game


Nora,  Sole Survivor, Day One - 10mm Pistol
Silver , Settler- Hunting Rifle
Hobbs , Settler- Hunting Rifle

Dogmeat , Dogbite   -starts game as prisoner.

Objective- Free Dogmeat, Kill the Supermutants


Mawg-  Brute with Sledgehammer
Gore-  Bolt Action Pipe Rifle, Board
Viktor (Aviator)  - Bolt Action Pipe Rifle, Board

Objective- Clear all 4 traps to win, Killing the humans is just a bonus.


The game will last 4 Rounds, each Round consisting of multiple turns in am " I go U go" pattern
you may "ready" an model an not move it on a particular turn delaying your action until a future turn where you must move all readied models 

(Note: I find this very cool and similar to what happens with a delayed action in a turn based video game)

ROUND  1  SUPER MUTANTS have advantage


AI activates   Mawg the Brute  , Task- Move to Objective.
ACTION 1 move
ACTION  2  , he’s within Orange Distance of the  Trap he needs to clear , he makes Strength test at  Strength 8 roll (2)  pass

Trap cleared 1 of 4

Maug clears a trap right away ...


Nora is readied,
ACTION 1 – Regular move to nearby cover
ACTION 2- Fires 10mm Pistol at  Supermutant Gore Roll ( Critical, Armor Break, Extra Damage) 

Result 3 damage to Gore
Nora shooting at Mutant Gore


AI activates  Viktor – task Reckless Attack  Melee
ACTION 1- Move yellow toward Nearest
ACTION 2- Charge Nearest (Nora)

Result  additional Black die from Charge for next attack

Viktor initial Charge of Nora


Silver  is Readied

Holds- Delays actions


AI Activates Gore-  Task Move to Objective (Careful)
ACTION 1 move
ACTION  2  , he’s within Orange Distance of the  Trap he needs to clear , he makes Strength test at  Strength 6 roll (7)  Fail

Result Trap NOT cleared  Still  3 of 4 remain
Gore fails to clear the trap on the first try


Hobbs is readied

ACTION 1 and 2  Moves toward Dogmeat

Silver , Readied in Turn 2  must now act ,
ACTION 1 moves to nearby  Car for Cover
ACTION 2 Fires Hunting Rifle at Mawg who has cover from a Car
To: Hit base 6 Cover -2 = 4   Rolls (5, -1 to hit, extra damage )

Result Hit!  Mawgs armor is 2 + 1 from Cover  against  3 damage…armor save roll ( 1)
Mawg  takes 2 damage

Silver Shoot Mawg the first time

Dogmeat is trapped



SUPERMUTANTS have Advantage.


AI activates Gore, Task Move -toward Objective (careful)
ACTION  1-  Clear Trap Str test 6  roll (5)  Pass

2 of 4 traps cleared
ACTION 2- moves toward next trap


Nora is readied.. Faced with close combat from the Charging Supermutant Viktor
She choose to make the risky withdrawal

ACTION 1  move from Combat…
Since the Viktor has not activated yet his free attack with bonus damage is a quick action and suffers a -2 penalty making his 6 or less to hit a 4 or less to hit  roll (7, 2x extra Damage)  whew he miss

ACTION 2 - Nora fires her 10mm pistol at Viktor
Base to hit 5 or less, Rolls (7 -2 accuracy, double damage(2 stars) 
Awesome hit!,  base damage is 2 +2 the bonus for 4- the mutant has 1 armor  his save is (4) fail…
Viktor  takes 4 damage ouch


AI activates Mawg the Brute,  Task Melee Attack Nearest 

ACTION 1 Charges Hobbs..Mawg is Str 8 so he gets not only a charge bonus die (black) but a bonus black die due to Strength
I was worried about this but was more worried about Nora
Oh wekk

ACTION 2 attack  Rolling 2 yellow and 2 black dice.  Roll (critical, armor break) and 3 blank faces!!!
Hobbs totally lucks out here…the armor break cancels his armor boost and he gets a save but fails (2)

Result Hobbs 2 damage….he’s very lucky here he should have been KO’d


With luck like the we will stick with Hobbs
ACTION 1 disengage from Mawg and move toward dogmeat.

Mawg free attack at -2 needs 6 or less Roll ( quick action, blank, armor break) a miss but Mawg will prepare a quick action and can act on trigger for any action except prepare within his sense range, green

ACTION 2   Hobbs frees Dogmeat..Dogmeat is live!

Hobbs on his way to free dogmeat dont mind the Supermutant brute just off to your right!


AI Acitvates Gore, task Move,  he moves toward objective

ACTIONS 1 and 2 place his within Orange of  Trap 3…my may attempt to clear it next turn


Silver is readied

ACTION 1 Sliver Fires her Hunting Rifle at Mawg  Base 6 Roll (critical, double armor break, bonus damage)
Result loses 2 armor give Mawg no save and he takes 3 damage.ouch

However this give Mawg a chance to use his quick action and he charges Silver!

Getting a bonus green (this time, I randomly flipping these as suggested) and a Black dice next combat.
Here Silver ranged attack triggers Mawg's prepared action and he Charges her.

ACTION 2 - Silver can attack in close combat using her Hunting Rifle as an improvised weapon, BUT the best she could hope for is possible 2 damage with a lucky out come..
I decide to risk disengagement again for that -2 penalty  the Brute still only needs 6 or less to hit and has 2 yellow , 1 green, 1 black dice…

She moves, Mawg attacks Roll ( X, bonus action…blank, bottle, -1, armor break)  she lucks out Mawg gets a whole lot of nothing but DOES get another prepare action.,

Dogmeat last but not least, Dogmeat is readied

I send dogmeat after Supermutant Gore whose clearing traps

ACTION 1 Dogmeat moves toward Gore
Mawg who has a prepared action has Line of Sight to Dogmeat
Dogmeats movement triggers Mawgs prepared  action, (as his perception is range Green) 
 Dogmeat is two Green lengths away, so Mawgs only option is movement..
Dogmeat at the start of his move is outside his charge range but Silver is standing right there
 I have Maug recharge Silver  and he gets another  Bonus Black Charge dice this time…Ooooofff

ACTION 2  Dogmeat Charges Gore and get a bonus black die.

(note: for myself right now quick and prepared actions are the most confusing part of the game, if someone reading this knows the rules and I am in error please correct me) 



SUPER MUTANTS have advantage


AI Activates Viktor

With 2 health left I roll 2 bottles on the blue dice for his AI response
 Task -Objective…I have viktor withdraw toward Trap 4
Victor is wounded with 2 health remaining and the last man standing. he is out numbered. his Objective from game start is clear the traps so I have him retreat toward the nearest trap in hopes of clearing it, if his objective was say "kill dogmeat" he would have shot at Dogmeat with his Pipe Rifle

ACTION 1 and 2 Move away toward trap 4


Dogmeat with Charge goes 1st rolling 4 bonus dice one of each color 
ACTION 1 attack  rolls a quick action so he misses

ACTION 2 attacks again (no bonus charge die)  rolls (4, -1, double bottle, double armor break)

Result Supermutant gets no save and take 2 damage, the bottle would remove a quick action if  he had one..

Im going to leave Dogmeat in CC because I think (some please correct me here) I can respond to a close combat attack with his own attack this round if that should occur.


AI activates Gore  ..Task Objective (careful)

Gore is still engaged with Dogmeat here and must melee attack with his board

ACTION 1 attack  roll ( cog, quickaction. Bonus damage)  MISS, but he gains a quick action, his only quick action is a prepared action so he does

The attack triggers Dogmeat s prepared action so Dogmeat attacks
Roll (critical, 2 stars, -1, armor break.) result no armor save  Gore take 2 damage and is removed from play!

One mutant down!


Hobbs is readied

ACTION 1 hobbs moves up against the cover Viktor is behind to negate the cover bonus
ACTION 2 Hobbs fires his hunting rifle but rolls (7, 2 armor breaks) miss!  he needs a 6 or less


AI Activates Brute  task Objective , however Brute has charged Silver

ACTION 1 Melee attack rolls (5,-1 ,  bonus damage, armor break, bottle ) 
Result strong armor bonus negates, Silver fails save and takes 3 damage
ACTION 2 Melee attack again..Rolls (10, bottle,bonus damage, armor break) 10 is miss , need 8 or less


Silver is Readed…must try to get away and shoot this thing..

ACTION 1 withdraw…

Mawg attacks at -2  Roll (2 , Bonus damage, 2 blanks)  even with the 1 armor Silver is down for the count.
Here Silver has escaped Mawg's once , however his prepared action allows him to reengage her when its trigged by Dogmeat movement

Silver is removed from Play

 Nora is readied

ACTION 1 Shoot Mawg with 10mm Pistol Roll (6, -2, bonus damage)  Mawg gets a 2 armor save rolls a 2! And takes only 1 point of damage
ACTION 2 Shoot Mawg again  with 10mm Pistol Roll (7, -3,  double bonus damage)  Mawg  is looking at a max of 4 damage  he gets a 2 armor save rolls (1)  and takes  3 damage this time he goes down as he had 1 health left
Nora finishes Mawg off with the 10mm Pistol

Mawg the Brute is removed from play



SUPERMUTANTS  have advantage


AI activates Viktor, Task Reckless Attack in Melee

(Note : here I made a mistake and Viktor according to his AI response should have attacked at range, but the critical roll on the hit dice would have inevitably had Hobbs meet the same fate)

ACTION 1 -Viktor cant see Hobbs base but cant see hobbs base, he has line of sight but cant charge but he can move into base contact ( plenty of distance with a yellow move) and make an melee attack, he does
ACTION 2- attack with Board  roll (critical, blank face)   Hobbs has 1 armor and is facing 2 damage..he fails his armor save with a (3) takes the 2 damage and goes down

Hobbs is removed from play

Settler Hobbs goes down for the count at the hands of Viktor


Nora is readied
ACTION 1 moves up against nearby cover
ACTION 2 Shoot Viktor with 10mm Pistol roll( 7,-2, bonus damage)  accuracy -2 gives her the 5 she needs to hit
Viktor is looking at 3 damage…has 1 armor fails his armor save and is taken down as he has 2 health left

VIKTOR is removed from play

Nora with plenty of range to finish off Viktor


Dogmeat was freed. Both Silver and Hobbs were injured , knocked out but survive ,
 Nora gains Dogmeat as her new companion.

RESULT maybe the Supermutants with reconsider searching for food in this area..

NEXT UP -Scavenging for supplies at FORT DAVIS


Hendrid said...

Interesting read. Gameplay sounds a wee bit clunky, is it more staight forward to play? said...

Yes, it does feel pretty straight forward to play, I think its probably the way im explaining it that's clunky , these write ups should get better as I figure it out more, BUT alot more rules will be coming into play so who knows...

Simon Quinton said...

Interesting read and thanks for the report. I am playing through the game on the PS4 at the moment so the game has peaked my interest. Looking forward to reading more reports :D


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